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Modulator Plugins

Latest Modulator Plugins

Please find below Modulator Plugins from some of the top music software companies worldwide. Browse, Download and Buy our selection of Modulator Plugins, Effects and Instruments online today.

These plugins modulate the incoming signal, where it be by means of modulating the pitch or volume. Some have filters built into them allowing you to modulate the frequency content of a sound.


by MeldaProduction

Effects | Modulator

Price: $49.00

Avg. rating:3

MMultiBandRingModulator is a powerful multiband ring-modulation effect which uses two oscillators with our powerful adjustable shape feature. It can make your drum tracks and even other effects tracks sound in ways you would never have imagined...


by Sinevibes

Effects | Modulator

Price: $17.12

Avg. rating:5

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What is it? Drift is an AudioUnit effect plugin for creating chaotic modulation. It is based on a two-dimensional fractal generator commonly used for airflow modeling but applied here onto output level and filter cutoff, giving them organic, rand...