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Transient Shaper Plugins

Latest Transient Shaper Plugins

Please find below Transient Shaper Plugins from some of the top music software companies worldwide. Browse, Download and Buy our selection of Transient Shaper Plugins, Effects and Instruments online today.

Transient shapers are an extremely effective tool when producing music. One of the main uses for these plugins is on drums and percussion elements. They can be extremely effective when trying to make your drums cut through a mix and really stand out by increasing the attack. Decreasing the attack however can reduce the start of the transient, helping the applied sound blend into the background. The sustain or release section in these plugins can give a more sustained volume to the end of the sound, or conversely shorten the sound making it more ‘snappy’.
» Easy to use interface and flexible architecture » 3 oscillator layers with 34 different models » Automate sweeps or control manually with a modwheel       SweepMachine is a straigh...


by eaReckon

Effects | Transient Shaper

Price: $64.24

Avg. rating:4

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TransReckon is a transient processor that will help you to add punch to your drum lines or put some instruments forward (or backward) in an extremely efficient way and with unexpected ease.   TransReckon provides 'Length' a...


by Waves

Effects | Transient Shaper

Price: $125.00

Avg. rating:5

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Perfect for breathing new life into drum loops, accentuating or attenuating instrumental attacks, and modifying room acoustics, Trans-X is a revolutionary processor that shapes transients and revitalizes individual tracks and full mixes. &n...
 ...answers your transient questions in no time   TransGainer, an audio plug-in suitable for a wide range of professional music production uses, implements an audio signal envelope adjustment algorithm that reacts on transients rather ...
MMultiBandTransient is an advanced transient processor with simple controls, but powerful features. It is designed to control attack and sustain, hence it is especially useful for processing drums, rhythmic guitars and other percussive sounds. ...