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Hierarchy VST

Mastering by Neoduction

This powerful VST mastering and insert channel tool provides precise control over the sound “objects” thus highlighting its sonorous plane and turning a domestic sound take into the best professional take.

  • All the benefits of NeoDuction reseach into digital sound processing are present in Hierarchy. 
  • Its logical algorithms decompose the audio dynamics and group them into classifiable objects for extensive control. 
  • Hierarchy is not related to a famous analog process, having in common with it the name and little else. 
  • It is a sum of processes, strictly digital, that is unmatched in the analog world.

Hierarchy algorithms seek specific objects to manipulate to our advantage in a way that would be impossible to emulate with analog devices, in the same way that it would not be possible to automatically scan through and change certain letters to capitals on a handwritten note.

Hierarchy is the beginning of a new sound physics that is not based on frequency decomposition, but rather in sound objects that can be processed and reassembled without any loss. For the first time there is a real milestone in the treatment of digital signals. Its operation is simple. Insert Hierarchy in your favorite DAW. Select the SET that best suits your needs: Film, Rock, Classical.

Find the PATTERN that best brings out the features you need. Hierarchy is cumulative so you can place multiple processors in a row to get a different effect.
You can use it with your favorite plugin brands. For best results make sure Hierarchy is placed last in the insert row. 

For your convenience Hierarchy comes with a gain control to adjust the input level and VU meters and peak meters both the input signal and the output plugin.

We are confident that Hierarchy will soon become an essential tool in your DAW.

  • Born from digital systems for digital systems.
  • There is nothing similar to it in the analog world.
  • You can use Hierarchy with your favourite plug-ins.
  • There is a Psychoacoustic effect on the Hierarchy process that will make you feel a more interesting sound that will make you appreciate the interpretation of musicians.


  • Intuitive design.
  • Easy to use, fast response.
  • Eight differente patterns.
  • Choose your favorite sound. 
  • Five breathtaking sets.
  • Give depth to your mix or even your tracks.
  • Precission vumeters.

This powerful mastering and insert channel tool provides precise control over the sound “objects” thus highlighting its sonorous plane and turning a domestic sound take into the best professional take.

System Requirements

  • PC: Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1
  • MAC: Mac OS 10.8+
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHZ 2Gb RAM
  • VST.2.4 Required
  • USB-eLicenser (not included)
  • Internet connection required for activation, account setup and personal / product registration. Additional downloads may be required for the installation.

AAX format available here

IMPORTANTe-Licenser dongle is needed for any NEODUCTION software, customers who already own a Steinberg key do not need another one. 

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