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Recording Pack

FX Bundle by Flux

Recording Pack - The Bread and Butter in Mix And Recording 

A well defined toolbox with a selection of Flux:: dynamic processing plug-ins and eq. providing a versatile and comprehensive set of precision tools for your everyday recording and mixing session work giving you the best processor for each task within the range of dynamics and equalization processing.

Epure v3

Epure v3 with an algorithm designed to deliver the most superior quality achievable in digital equalizing processing today, is a powerful go-to processor for your day-to-day session works, and a sharp-edged surgical precision tool for the most demanding equalizing and filtering tasks conceivable.

The logical and comprehensive user interface includes a variety of instant shortcut functions to enhance and simplify the user workflow, allowing for simplistic, quick and precise operation. Each of the five colour coded band sections is covering the complete frequency range and offers -/+ 24 dB gain with dynamic gain controls allowing you to multiply the gain by 2, divide it by 2, or invert the gain with just the flip of a switch.

Pure Compressor v3

Pure Compressor v3 produces a wide range of compressions from ultra clean subtle compressions to classic heavy pumping ones. It's up to your artistic choices not to the technology limitations.

Pure Expander v3

Pure Expander v3 produces a wide range of expansion process from subtle expansions to hard noise-gate, allowing for removal of unwanted noises or reverberation without adding a processed character to your sound.

Pure DCompressor v3

Pure DCompressor v3 allowing for restoration of the original dynamics of an audio signal, very useful for heavily compressed signal to bring back the natural dynamics of the material.

Pure DExpander v3

Pure DExpander v3 is designed to de-expand the audio material and it provides the tools for enhancing the low levels of sounds. Instead of making all audio under a certain threshold quieter, Pure DExpander v3 provides a more compact and louder signal without giving the material a harsh and processed sound.

Pure Limiter v3

Pure Limiter v3 is using exquisite proprietary Flux:: algorithms generating a release-envelope producing no artifacts on the processed sound achieving a transparent limiting. A dramatic increase of the average audio level is easily achieved without damaging the perceived audio quality of the material.

The Recording Pack bundle contains the following plug-ins:

  • Epure v3 - AU / VST / AAX Native & DSP / AAX AudioSuite / TDM for VENUE
  • Pure Compressor v3 - AU / VST / AAX Native & DSP / AAX AudioSuite
  • Pure Expander v3 - AU / VST / AAX Native & DSP / AAX AudioSuite
  • Pure DCompressor v3 - AU / AAX Native & DSP / AAX AudioSuite
  • Pure DExpander v3 - AU / VST / AAX Native & DSP / AAX AudioSuite
  • Pure Limiter v3 - AU / VST / AAX Native & DSP / AAX AudioSuite

System Requirements

Processing Specifications - All Flux:: plug-ins, provide:

  • Up to 8 channels Input/Output
  • 64-bits internal floating point processing
  • Sampling rate up to 384 kHz DXD (Pyramix & Ovation MassCore/Native)
  • Sampling rate up to 192 kHz for native (AU/VST/AAX/AAX AudioSuite)


  • All major native formats as well as AVID AAX DSP are supported


  • Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8,1 and 10 all in both 32 and 64 bits
  • VST (2.4)
  • AAX Native/DSP
  • AAX AudioSuite
  • Waves WPAPI
  • Merging VS3 (Only in Windows 7 32/64 bits)

Mac OS X (Intel):

  • 10.7.5, 10.8.5, 10.9.5, 10.10.5 and 10.11.5 in both 32 and 64 bits
  • VST (2.4)
  • AU
  • AAX Native/DSP
  • AAX AudioSuite
  • Waves WPAPI

Please Note:

  • An iLok user account is required to run this software (the iLok USB Smart Key is not required). Click HERE to set up an iLok account
  • The Recording Pack AAX Native/DSP & AAX AudioSuite plug-ins supports 32 bit in Pro Tools 10.3.5 and 64 bit in Pro Tools 11
  • Due to AVID ProTools changing to AAX, from Version 3 (v3) RTAS for AVID ProTools is no longer supported

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