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Veteran German developer looks to make its mark on the world of synthesis

Vengeance-Sound's first ever virtual synth is nothing if not ambitious.

Coded - like all its stablemates - by Keilwerth Audio, it unites analogue, sample-based and wavetable synthesis in an immense workstation-style architecture, packed with sequencers, filters, effects and modulation. VPS Avenger (VST/AU/AAX), on paper at least, is every inch the 'power synth', then, but let's see how it fares in practice...


  • Stupendously powerful and architecturally innovative 2000+ waves, wavetables and samples. 
  • Epic modulation.


  • Mod Matrix is too small.


Totally inspiring, utterly absorbing, ridiculously versatile and sounding phenomenal, VPS Avenger is quite unlike any other synth out there.

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