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620x320 soundtoys microshift pluginboutique

deal - 77% off15 Nov - November 17, 2018

Soundtoys Microshift 48hour Flash Sale

MicroShift gives you three different flavours of a classic stereo widening trick at the push of a button. It uses a special recipe of pitch shifting, and delay that varies over time, to create rich stereo width. It’s incredibly simple to use and perfect for spicing up important instruments, or for blending background vocals subtly into a mix.
620x320 serato sample50 pluginboutique

deal - 50% off15 Nov - November 30, 2018

Serato Sample Black Friday Sale

The Fastest Way to Sample: A powerful and intuitive new sampler plugin for producers that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples. Save 50% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique! (Sale includes our exclusive bundles!)
620x320 soundspot bf 90 pluginboutique

deal - Up To 92% off14 Nov - January 11, 2019

SoundSpot Black Friday Sale

Our close friends at SoundSpot kick-start this year's Black Friday sale with staggering reductions on an array of their amazing products!
620x320 soundspot 99 pluginboutique

deal - Up To 99% off14 Nov - January 11, 2019

SoundSpot £1/$1 Deals

Save up to a huge 99% off for a limited time with our friends at SoundSpot on a huge selection of their slick mixing and mastering tools!
620x320 spherebundle pluginboutique

deal - 90% off15 Nov - December 10, 2018

W.A Production Sphere Series Bundle Sale

Heat up your mix with a multi-mode delay, multi-mode compressor and a powerful multi-effect from W.A Production's Sphere collection and save 90% off this limited time offer.
1200 x 600 pib output sale

deal - Up To 25% off 8 Nov - December 1, 2018

Output Holiday Sale

It's that one time of year again when our friends over at Output offer a promotion on their industry acclaimed Kontakt Instruments and plugins. Grab some of the most desirable products on the market for 25% off for a limited time. Remember, this only happens once a year!
620x320 ujam beatmakerbundle pluginboutique

deal - 66% off14 Nov - November 26, 2018

UJAM Beatmaker Series Limited Time Bundle Sale (Exclusive)

Calling ALL Beatmakers! Exclusively at Plugin Boutique, get your hands on this Limited Time Bundle of creative and inspiring virtual drum instruments.
620x320 ujam pluginboutique

deal - Up To 50% off14 Nov - December 3, 2018

UJAM Instruments Black Season Sale

UJAM plugins make music production faster, better and easier. Save up to 50% off selected products in the Black Season Sale.
1200x600 izotope nectar 3 out now banners

deal - Up To 40% off 2 Nov - January 2, 2019

iZotope Nectar 3 Introductory Sale

It's finally here! One of biggest software announcements of the year: iZotope Nectar 3! Featuring Celemony Melodyne Essential and RX Breath Control, get your vocals to sit in the mix with the most sophisticated set of tools designed for vocal production.
1200x600 izotope music production suite 2 out now banners

deal - Up To 50% off 2 Nov - January 2, 2019

iZotope Music Production Suite 2 Sale

Music Production Suite 2 gives you access to over thirty industry-standard plugins that interact across your session and provide time-saving assistive features, innovative new workflows, and cutting-edge visual analysis tools. From vocal production to mixing and mastering, this go-to plug-in collection is everything you need for music production.
620x320 heavyocity global pluginboutique

deal - Up To 75% off14 Nov - December 7, 2018

Heavyocity Thanksgiving Sale

Save up to 50% off the world-class virtual instruments & dynamic processor from Heavyocity including NOVO, FORZO, Gravity & PUNISH and the Reaktor Ensembles in the Thanksgiving Sale.
Ravage lite homepage sale banner

deal - 100% off13 Nov - December 17, 2018

SoundSpot Ravage Lite - FREE for one month!

Introducing Ravage Lite: the perfect distortion plugin for when your track just needs a touch of extra warmth and sparkle. For one month only, get this plugin for FREE!
1200x600 izotope vocal chain bundle banners

deal - Up To 40% off 2 Nov - January 2, 2019

iZotope Vocal Chain Bundle Sale

To celebrate the release of Nectar 3 and all things vocals, iZotope have announced the Vocal Chain Bundle including Nectar 3, VocalSynth 2 and RX Elements.
1200x628 aas ultra analog session   upgrade sale pluginboutique

deal - Up To 79% off24 Oct - November 19, 2018

AAS Ultra Analog Session & Upgrade Sale (Exclusive)

The Ultra Analog Session really fun to play and is packed full of outstanding sounds. Save a huge 80% off and 50% off the Upgrade to the full powerful synth and bundle and save 50% exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
1200x600 mastering the mix expose

deal - 69% off 1 Nov - December 3, 2018

Mastering The Mix EXPOSE Sale

Release top quality mixes for every platform. With EXPOSE, it only takes a few seconds to make sure you deliver the best listening experience every time. Buy now for only £9 / $12 and save 69% off for a limited time only.
1200x600 glitchmachines subvert

deal - 90% off 1 Nov - December 5, 2018

Glitchmachines Subvert (Exclusive)

Based on 5 effects; multimode distortion, FM ring modulator, digitizer, metallizer and multimode filter, Subvert generates anything from subtle harmonics to relentlessly brutal distortions. Subvert is an exclusive 90% off up until 5th December.
620 x 320 pib slam dawg sale 2

deal - 90% off15 Oct - November 16, 2018

BeatSkillz Slam Dawg Sale (Exclusive)

Save 90% off the Slam Dawg Beat Phattener and get your tracks sounding huge within minutes. Buy Slam Dawg now for only £7.95 / $9.99 in this exclusive sale!
620 x 320 pib slam pro sale

deal - 80% off15 Oct - November 16, 2018

BeatSkilz Slam Pro Upgrade from Slam Dawg Sale (Exclusive)

Own Slam Dawg? Upgrade Slam Pro to Enhance your sound and workflow. For a limited time only Upgrade for only £23.95 / $29!
620x320 mtm ebook pluginboutique

deal - 51% off31 Oct - December 3, 2018

Mastering The Mix Never Get Stuck Again - eBook & Audio Book Sale

A Complete Guide To Turning A Musical Idea Into A Finished Track. Save 50% off for a limited time exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 softube modular all pluginboutique

deal - Up To 29% off 1 Nov - December 1, 2018

Softube Modular + Add-Ons Sale

Created in close collaboration with Doepfer, Softube Modular gives you both the sound, flexibility and expandability of a true analog modular synthesizer. Save up to 30% off. (Including Select Add-Ons)
620x320 audified u73b compressor 60   pluginboutique

deal - 60% off 1 Nov - November 19, 2018

Audified u73b Compressor Sale (Exclusive)

Save 60% off the highly acclaimed u73b Compressor! A faithful and unique emulation of an old German broadcast Compressor / Limiter unit U73b.
620x320 voxengo elephant 30 pluginboutique

deal - 30% off31 Oct - November 19, 2018

Voxengo Elephant Sale

A mastering limiter AU and VST plugin for professional music production applications. Elephant brings sound limiting and loudness maximization without audible “pumping” sonic artifacts. Save 30% off for a limited time only.
620x320 softube harmonics pluginboutique

deal - 33% off31 Oct - December 1, 2018

Softube Harmonics Intro Price

Softube release their Harmonics analog saturation processor with its never-before-heard approach to dynamics in distortion. Save % off with this special introductory price for a limited time only.
620x320 softube select pluginboutique

deal - Up To 60% off 1 Nov - December 1, 2018

Softube Winter Sale

Save up to 60% off select Softube award-winning plugins during this special winter sale. (including Spring Reverb, Tube-Tech Collections, Heartbeat and more!
620x320 ujam virtualbassist 50 pluginboutique

deal - Up To 48% off 2 Nov - December 7, 2018

UJAM Virtual Bassist Pre-Order Sale

Introducing UJAM's brand-new technology for basses and deeper sampling. Pre-order now for up to 50% off and early access on December 6th 2018.
620x320 synthmaster 50 pluginboutique

deal - Up To 50% off 1 Nov - December 2, 2018

KV331 Audio Synthmaster Holiday Season Sale

With its multi-synthesis oscillators, analogue modelled/digital filters, flexible effects routing with 11 types of high-quality effects and a massive modulation architecture with 95 separate modulation sources and 650+ modulation targets; SynthMaster is a 'must-have' for all synthesizer enthusiasts!
620x320 wa production serumpresets pluginboutique

deal - 80% off29 Oct - January 1, 2019

W.A Production: What About: Phantom Serum Presets

Unleash the power of Xfer Serum with Phantom Serum Presets. This pack consists of 233 presets inspired by top influential genres such as Melodic Dubstep, Trap, D&B, House, and Future Bass. Save 80% off and buy now for only $3.90!
620x320 recompose spexx pluginboutique

deal - 37% off24 Oct - December 6, 2018

Re-Compose Spexx (Presale)

Spexx. Create Unique Soundscapes. Generate a wide range of effects, from unusual, beautifully sounding reverbs to experimental spectral distortions. Save during this special pre-sale. Note: If you currently own Liquid Notes or Liquid Notes for Live, please wait for the Crossgrade Offer upon release.
1200x600 glitchmachines loyalty upgrade pluginboutique

deal - 40% off11 Sep - December 9, 2018

Glitchmachines Plugin Boutique Loyalty Bundle Upgrade Offer

Current Glitchmachine users can take advantage off this special Loyalty Upgrade Offer and save on Subvert, Croygen, FXT and Polygon for a limited time only.
620x320 acondigital masteringsuite pluginboutique

deal - 23% off25 Oct - December 3, 2018

Acon Digital Mastering Suite Introductory Sale

Consisting of five plugins for audio mastering that were designed for ultimate signal transparency! Save 23% off the brand new Acon Digital Mastering Suite for a limited time only.
620x320 glitchmachines sample pack

deal - 60% off 4 Jul - December 9, 2018

Glitchmachines Sample Pack Upgrade Sale (Exclusive)

Exclusive to Plugin Boutique, this bundle combines an array of unique, finely tuned samples of the highest sonic quality. Featuring over 18GB of inspiration! Save 60% off and Upgrade from ANY Glitchmachines product (including Chimera).
620x320 initialaudio sektor30 pluginboutique

deal - 30% off17 Sep - November 18, 2018

Initial Audio Sektor Sale

We welcome Initial Audio with their awesome wavetable synth: Sektor. Featuring an exceptional amount of control for shaping and modulating your own unique sound, over 200 wavetables and 750 presets. Save 30% off for a limited time only.
Sonivox premier collection upgrade 1200x600 pluginboutique

deal - 72% off 9 Oct - December 4, 2018

SONiVOX Premier Collection Upgrade Sale (Exclusive)

This collection has it all, every Orchestral instrument you can imagine. Save over 70% off and Upgrade from ANY SONiVOX instrument. (Note: You can Upgrade from ANY SONiVOX Instrument, including the Singles!)
620x320 pib darkserum 50 pluginboutique

deal - 50% off31 Oct - December 1, 2018

Plugin Boutique Dark Serum Presets Sale

Dark Serum Expansion Pack contains 64 expertly crafted presets to suit all of your eerie sonic-based productions. Whether you are into Techno, Electro, House or Urban genres, this soundbank will supply you with an arsenal of basses, stabs, plucks, leads, pads, drones and motion sequences to compose deep, driving music.
620x320 pib darkelements virtualcz 50 plugniboutique

deal - 50% off31 Oct - November 19, 2018

Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Expansion Pack: Dark Element

An array of cutting-edge VirtualCZ presets that have been designed to inject your productions with a futuristic sound that can be applied across all electronica genres. Save 50% off for a limited time only.
620x320 melodyneupgrades67 pluginboutique

deal - Up To 67% off 4 Oct - December 31, 2018

Celemony Melodyne 4.2 Update Sale

Upgrade to the recently updated 4.2 version of Melodyne and save up to 67% off the Editor from Editor or Studio from Studio or cre8. Access the incredible new features and upgrade now for only €49 / $49!
620x320 nugenaudio loudness 10 pluginboutique

deal - 11% off17 Oct - November 29, 2018

Nugen Audio Loudness Toolkit 2.8 Sale

Precise, efficient, trusted: Loudness Toolkit is the leading solution for loudness compliant delivery. Everything you need to produce reliable, loudness-normalised audio, seamlessly integrated into your audio production workflow.
19th september week 7 main featured product 1200x600

deal - 80% off20 Sep - December 1, 2018

W.A Production SphereQuad Introductory Sale (Exclusive)

W.A Production release SphereQuad. A semi-modular creative multi-effect. Save 80% off for a very limited time only and buy now for £8.95 / $11.80!
620x320 soundspot producerbundle

deal - 50% off 5 Oct - December 3, 2018

SoundSpot Producer Bundle Sale

SoundSpot release their limited time essential Producer Bundle featuring Paradox, Firefly, Aixs, Glitch & MSW2. Note there is also a loyalty upgrade for ALL current SoundSpot users available.
Soundspot bundle

deal - 89% off 5 Oct - December 3, 2018

SoundSpot Producer Bundle Upgrade Sale

SoundSpot release their limited time essential Producer Bundle featuring Paradox, Firefly, Aixs, Glitch & MSW2. Current SoundSpot users can take advantage of the special Upgrade price.
620 x 320 pib bleepstreet

deal - 38% off 4 Jul - December 31, 2018

BeepStreet Sunrizer Synthesiser Sale

Sunrizer is built upon a familiar subtractive synth design – but with a distinct character and a host of unique features. For a limited time save 38% off Sunrizer at Plugin Boutique!
620x320 audiothing frostbite pluginboutique

deal - 75% off 1 Nov - November 19, 2018

AudioThing Frostbite Sale (Exclusive)

AudioThing's Frostbite is a Multi Effect plugin designed for ambience and cinematic music, as well as extreme sonic experiments. Exclusive to Plugin Boutique, get it now at 75% off.
620x320 toontrack ezx 35 pluginboutique

deal - Up To 37% off 1 Nov - January 1, 2019

Toontrack EZX Sale

Expand your EZDrummer or Superior Drummer with the fantastic collection of drum libraries. Recorded in the world's finest recording studios these packs will keep your drum sound interesting for future tracks to come.
620x320 sonnox 50 pluginboutique

deal - 50% off 1 Nov - December 1, 2018

Sonnox Sale

Save 50% off the incredible Sonnox range of professional audio production plugins and bundles for a limited time only in this special winter sale.
620x320 toontrack sdx global40 pluginboutique

deal - 40% off 1 Nov - January 1, 2019

Toontrack SDX Sale

Get the most out of your Superior Drummer and expand your sound library with this extensive collection of SDX expansions and save 40% off for a limited time only.
620x320 ezdrummer sale pluginboutique

deal - Up To 33% off 1 Nov - January 1, 2019

Toontrack EZDrummer Bundles Sale

The world’s most intuitive drum production tool for songwriters! EZdrummer 2 takes drum production to a whole new level. Save on the bundle collections with EZX expansions for a limited time only. Note this promo does not include a free EZX.
620x320 toontrack ezkeysessential pluginboutique

deal - 33% off 1 Nov - January 1, 2019

Toontrack EZkeys Essential Pianos Sale

The revolutionary EZkeys software combined with four essential instruments in any songwriter's toolbox; the grand and upright pianos and the Rhodes MK I and Wurlitzer 200 A. Save on the EZkeys Bundles for a limited time only.
620x320 toontrack ezmix 6pack pluginboutique

deal - Up To 33% off 1 Nov - January 1, 2019

Toontrack EZmix 6 Pack Bundle Sale

Expand your EZmix with these 6 Pack Collections and save 33% off these great value bundles for a limited time only.
620x320 melda mautoequalizer 50 pluginboutique

deal - 50% off 1 Nov - November 16, 2018

Melda Production MAutoEqualizer Sale (Exclusive)

MAutoEqualizer advanced mastering equalizer and analyzer plugin is a revolutionary (but not limited to) mastering plugin, that combines a powerful equalizer, state-of-the-art linear-phase equalizer and analyzer in a single window. Save 50% off exclusively at plugin Boutique.
620x320 addictionsynth 87 pluginboutique

deal - 87% off 1 Nov - December 3, 2018

Stagecraft Addiction Synth Sale (Exclusive)

Save a huge 87% off Stagecraft's Addiction Synth and buy now for only £7.50 / $10 for a very limited time only.
620x320 xilspolym 40 pluginboutique

deal - 40% off 1 Nov - November 26, 2018

XILS Lab PolyM Sale (Exclusive)

Unique features, unique sound! Save 40% off the incredible PolyM synth from XILS Lab for a limited time only.
620x320 pib capsun bigkick 50 pluginboutique

deal - 50% off 1 Nov - November 19, 2018

Plugin Boutique BigKick Expansion Trap Kicks Sale

Expand your BigKick with this awesome collection of thumping Trap Kicks for a limited time only. Buy now for only £3.95 / $4.95.
620x320 pib deepdubtech 50 pluginboutique

deal - 50% off 1 Nov - November 19, 2018

Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra Expansion Pack: Deep Dub Tech Sale

64 presets for the Carbon Electra synthesizer, with a dark character and a deep, dubby feel. Suited for producers of subgenres such as Deep House, Dub House, Detroit Techno, Minimal, DNB & more!
620x320 positivegrid38 pluginboutique

deal - Up To 50% off 6 Nov - November 19, 2018

Positive Grid Holiday Sale

Black Friday starts early with our friends over at Positive Grid. Have up to 38% off up until the 19th Nov!
620x320 audiomanix idc pluginboutique

deal - 30% off 7 Nov - December 3, 2018

Audionamix IDC Sale

Introducing the IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner plug-in, the first real-time, cloudless solution by Audionamix. IDC offers immediate and effective dialogue cleaning technology through an intuitive interface and is compatible with many post-production and broadcast workflows.