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AudioThing's - The Orb (VST/AU/AAX) is a formant filter plugin built to imbue any source signal with a vowel-like sound, but going beyond the usual EDM ‘yoys’ we all know and love (or hate).... the genuinely-not-a-gimmick ‘Orb’ at the centre of the interface hosts up to ten editable vowel filters at a time, while three LFOs jump and slide between them.

Formant Function

The formant filter itself comprises a trio of parallel zero delay feedback band-pass filters, ntheir centre frequencies locked down for each vowel in Male, Female and Child modes, and editable in Custom mode (see boxout). The three faders control their individual levels, and the power buttons at the bottom mute them.


  • For Easy, effective formant filtering
  • Play with up to ten vowel sounds at once
  • Cool LFO modulation setup
  • Editable formant filter frequencies


  • Only 15 presets
  • Awkward formant editing dialog
  • A highly configurable multi-vowel formant
  • Filter with powerful LFO modulation and an intuitive interface. The Orb is
  • distinctive, characterful and creative

Overall Rating

9 /10

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