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Just What the Electronica Doctor Ordered...

The latest plugin release from one-man development house - Audiority's Luca Capozzi, Grainspace (VST/AU/AAX) is a granular processing effect incorporating a simple reverb. 

GrainSpace slices each input channel into up to 32 grains of between 16 and 500ms in length, as established by the Grain Size and Distance knobs. The Distance control widens and narrows the spacing of the grains, and by tweaking it in conjunction with Smear (which applies a series of all-pass filters to smooth the transitions between grains), all sorts of interesting tonal changes can be made to a sound without obviously ‘granulating’ it. As well as the default Stereo mode, Mid and Side options are also on offer, the latter being particularly useful for blending peripheral weirdness in with the solid centre signal of a drum track, say.


Easy to use and full of sonic surprises, GrainSpace is a wildly creative glitching and texturising toolbox that’s two LFOs, a few Random targets and a Freeze button short of magnificence.



  • Easy, detailed granular processing
  • LFO and Random modulators
  • Timestretching and pitchshifting
  • Stereo, Mid or Side configuration


  • Reverb isn’t hugely useful
  • Crying out for more LFOs
  • Freeze control needs on/off button

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