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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 review by Ask.Audio

Superior Drummer 3 represents a massive upgrade, with artificial intelligence just one of its major new features. In this world-first review, we take you in-depth with Toontrack's latest.

Superior Drummer 3’s core sound library was recorded at the extraordinary Galaxy Studios in Belgium. Its main studio, Galaxy Hall, is a 330 meter square, 8 metre high multi-purpose room with near-perfect acoustics. The hall has a reverberation time ranging from 1.1 to 2.4 seconds, depending on the use of curtains and additional acoustic treatments. It is quite possibly one of the quietest recording spaces on earth. Despite its size, background noise measures a mere 14 dbA SPL, and the air conditioning is so quiet it cannot be detected or measured by music-recording microphones. In other words, it’s a perfect place to record drums.

The studios themselves are a series of concrete bunkers that rest on custom designed architectural springs that bring the resonant frequency for each room to less than 3Hz.  

The eleven centimeter thick studio glass between galaxy hall and the control rooms weigh in at a ton apiece. In addition, there are least 3 doors in between every unit ensuring the measured result  – 100,7 dB between each room – is a world record.

Why all this detail about Galaxy Studios and the set-up? Well, under great secrecy and multiple NDA’s I, along with a who’s who of audio press, was brought there by Toontrack to physically listen to the drums in Galaxy Hall, to have a first hand experience of the space, and the recording process, and to spend a day getting acquainted with SD3 and its creators. 


Superior Drummer 3 is extraordinary: a game changer on all fronts. If you are serious about your drum sound and programming then this has to go to the top of your to-do list right now. The mixer is a powerhouse of possibilities. The new effects run with the best. The grooves and song creator section are endlessly tweakable and the new interface is a pleasure to work with. 

Tracker is the real revolution though. The ability to enhance (or completely and easily replace) an existing live drum performance with drums recorded by one of the greatest audio engineers of all time, in one of the most impressive facilities on earth, played by a living, breathing superior drummer, and assisted by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, is proof positive we are living in the future, and that the future of drum workstations is SD3.

Superior Drummer 3 is released worldwide on September 12, 2017. Upon release, the previous version of Superior Drummer will be discontinued and no longer sold online. It may however remain in some retail outlets as long as stocks last.

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