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JST Toneforge Guilty Pleasure Review at Music Radar

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Our Verdict

It might be a one-trick pony, but if you’re after classic high-gain amp tones, Guilty Pleasure comes cheap and sounds great.


  • Excellent high-gain amp tone.
  • Tailored for metal sounds.
  • Import of impulse responses.


  • Only one amp model.
  • Fixed signal flow and routing.

Joey Sturgis Tones has built an enviable reputation for delivering high quality focused but affordable plugins, and given Joey’s own history playing and producing metalcore and heavy rock, these tools often dovetail nicely into those specific genres. 

The latest, Guilty Pleasure (AU/VST/AAX/ RTAS), is the company’s third guitar-focused Toneforge plugin, designed for classic high-gain amplifier tones. In order of signal flow, its seven modules are Pedal, Amp, Cab, Magic, Effects, EQ and Limiter, with global Input and Output gain (+12 to -70dB) and an input Gate rounding things off. 

All but the Magic module have editable parameters, and the six are accessed by clicking on the relevant icon at the bottom. Clicking on the Signal Flow button reveals all seven modules, allowing you to bypass the Magic module should you wish. Although they don’t specify what this sorcerous processor does, shown on a frequency analyser it cuts the low mids, and boosts low and high frequencies, achieving a more polished and mix-ready sound. In the majority of cases, we found that things sounded better with it switched on.

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