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Looking To Get Your Tracks Ready For Radio And Streaming Services? 

Have you ever wondered why you can't get your songs to have the same production value as the ones you hear on the radio? Whether you are sharing your music with friends and fans on SoundCloud or delivering a commercial album on any major streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, etc), mastering can make all the difference in how your music plays back to the listener. Each of today's streaming platforms has their own rule on how to deliver music, which can all sound a little confusing but with Ozone Elements, we are here to help.

Plugin Boutique, iZotope and Grammy Nominated James Wiltshire (F9 Audio, Freemasons) have collaborated on this very special project to give you as insight into the workings of a producer with over 20 years of experience. Throughout the short interview, we get an insight into James' career, his workflow and how he uses the Master Assistant and the EQ curve from iZotope Ozone Elements to master for radio and streaming services.

In this tutorial, we get a detailed overview of the workings of the Master Assistant that comes with iZotope Ozone Elements

In this tutorial, learn how to get your mixes ready for radio and streaming services.

Through a special partnership with iZotope, Plugin Boutique is now offering Ozone Elements ($129 value) at no charge with any paid purchase at our store. Ozone is widely recognized as the leader in mastering and is the go-to software solution for professional and home musicians, garnering countless awards and critical praise for its groundbreaking technology. The latest version of Ozone Elements includes its legendary Maximizer, EQ and Imager. In addition, you get the Master Assistant, which analyzes your own unique song, and even makes suggestions for optimal playback on digital streaming services. And if that wasn't enough, it also includes professionally designed presets for dozens of genres.

Yes, anyone can master - no more excuses. Along with a free copy of Ozone Elements, we'd also like to give you some basics about mastering and how to get your tracks to sound great in today's digital world. Download your free copy of Ozone Elements today and hear the difference for yourself.

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