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NB: Offer Ends 31st January 2019 

Each Customer is Eligible to 1x copy of Session Bundle only

Applied Acoustics Systems’ Lounge Lizard Session, Strum Session and Ultra Analog Session are yours for free with every purchase up until the end of January!

These three instruments are made from Applied Acoustics Systems’ physical modelling technology. As leaders in the field of modelling algorithms and plugins, AAS products guarantee a realistic, hugely high quality every single time. 

With physical modelling, the physics of an instrument are recreated mathematically, meaning that there’s no hefty download of samples, putting less strain on your RAM and hard drive.

Lounge Lizard Session – an Electric Piano with Feeling

Play the keys in multiple personalities with this advanced electric piano emulator instrument. The crucial Character control changes the fundamental electric piano tone between Noise, Amp, Crystal, Phat, Groovy and Luxy, giving you six types of classic electric piano
with easy access. 

With Hammer, Fork and Pickup controls, you can tweak your keys’ attack, body and tone, helping it cut through the mix, appear more upfront or subdued. There’s also Compression and Equalizer modules for mixing, and Chorus, Phaser and Reverb algorithms to conjure up even more classic feelings with Lounge Lizard Session

Strum Session – Pick the Best Guitar Sounds Around

Realistic guitar tones and performances are a few clicks away with Strum Session, which can be played in three ways: Keyboard mode lets you play the guitar like a keyboard with standard note-on and off, Guitar mode lets you play strummed chords with single MIDI notes, and Loop plays strummed rhythmic patterns when a note is held down.

With a huge bank of guitar sounds, strum styles, voicings and strum settings, Strum Session is hugely versatile, and it’s all backed up by AAS’ high-quality analogue-modelling technology. Compression, EQ, Chorus, Delay and Reverb are also onboard to add more sonic sauce.

Ultra Analog Session – Comprehensive Analogue Synth Bank

For a huge variety of instant hardware synth tones, Ultra Analog Session has to be your first call. Load a sound from any of its onboard supply – including Ambient, Arpeggiator, Effect, Keys, Lead, Pad, Percussive and Vocal categories – and you’ll immediately have access to a patch that fits in with your track, and sounds great doing it, thanks to patches by Richard Devine and Sean Divine.

Synths can be tweaked for their VCO tone, Filter and Amp properties, and effects like Reverb, Delay, EQ and Chorus can be added to the sound as well. With Ultra Analog Session’s Arpeggiator panel, you can animate any patch, or go the other way and create a slinking, gliding monophonic monster. 

Suped-up Session

The ‘Session’ versions of these instruments offer the highest modelled sound quality in themselves, but it’s possible to get access to the modelling parameters under the surface, check out the full versions of Lounge Lizard, Strum and Ultra Analog. These let you in on the advanced physical modelling controls to engineer unique takes on the three instruments.

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