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FabFilter Pro-Q 3 | Review of Key New Features

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FabFilter are known around the globe for incredibly high-quality plugins with algorithmic precision on a level that is scarcely matched. Throw in a visual aesthetic that’s on par with modern art and you have a winning formula that is clearly assembled with care and vigilant forethought.

Their Pro-Q 2 equalizer received an excellent review from every publisher and has been one of their most well-known VST plugins for good reason. You can find it on any serious list of the best EQs on the market with max points on all rating systems as icing on the cake. Pro-Q 2’s successor, Pro-Q 3, released Q4 of 2018, is sure to be a continuation in that tradition.

Pro-Q 3 seriously stacks up on additions and improvements. Most notably is probably the ability to make any of the 24 possible filter nodes Dynamic, not to mention per band Mid, Side, Stereo, Left or Right processing capabilities for each as well!

That alone is enough to make even the most serious mixing and mastering engineers blush!

That’s nowhere near everything though.

There is now automatic Inter Plugin Communication between any and all Pro-Q 3 instances in a project. Meaning you can easily see the spectrographs of any two audio sources at a simple click of the mouse. When two spectrums are shown in the main analyzer, frequency collisions, also known as frequency masking, are helpfully highlighted to deliver actionable mix-level diagnostics in real-time.

Other notables, by the way of new and improved, that are worth mentioning here are the Spectrum Grab feature, improved EQ Matching and the illustrious Full-Screen Mode so you can take in both the important detailed information and soak up the beautiful GUI in all their glory.

We here at Plugin Boutique stand behind this incredible modern marvel as a testament to what plugins can be and what they should be!

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