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(Offer ends March 3rd 2019)

Every purchase from Plugin Boutique until March 3rd gets you instant free access to this course, usually priced £19.99. Each Customer is Eligible to 1x copy of Beginner's Guide to Synthesis only. 

14 Easy Modules across 36 Videos

With its bite-size approach to teaching the art and science of synthesis, this course will guide you through every step at your own pace, helping you understand every concept before moving onto the next.

  • Get your head around basic Oscillator Waveforms found in most synthesizers
  • Discover Waveform Tuning, Blending, Syncing and Unison techniques
  • Learn Serial and Parallel Routing to improve your sound
  • Shape your sound using Amplitude and Filter Envelope settings
  • Use LFO Modulation to animate your sounds and keep them interesting
  • Play your patches and spark creativity with Arpeggiators and Sequencers
  • Engage your synth’s Effects Section to get professional, impressive results
  • Understand complex synth controls like Aftertouch, Keytracking and Portamento

The Beginner’s Guide to Synthesis course also illuminates common, specific bread-and-butter sounds and how to make them. These include Plucks, Old-School Mwarp Bass, Pad Sounds, Kick Drums and Sub Bass Drops. Where you take them next is up to you.

In the sample module below, get a taster of how to make a sweeping pad using Serum by Xfer Records.


With 10 years of expertise in online training for DAWs, synthesis, electronic genres, mixing skills, DJing, remixing, arrangement and loads more, ProducerTech is one of the most trusted names in online music production education.

Thanks to their philosophy of straightforward, short videos that you can learn from at your own pace, and their partnerships with successful artists, learning your craft with ProducerTech is not just easy – it’s fun, and it’s relevant to the real musical world.

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