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FabFilter Pro-Q 2 was introduced to the world in 2014 as a game-changing EQ plugin, hailed by the likes of Dave Pensado as “sonically comparing to the best”. Now with the release of Pro-Q 3, comes a host of brand new features that are taking this plugin to new heights.

Best Feature

Dynamic EQ Mode

The new standout feature is the dynamic EQ mode. A simple ‘dynamic range’ dial accompanies the regular gain parameters on Pro-Q 3’s interface, allowing you to quickly add compression or expansion to specific frequency bands. The plugin’s carefully-designed algorithm sets the attack, release and threshold automatically, streamlining and simplifying the compression process by leaving only the dynamic range to be set manually by the user.

Pro-Q 3 also features a new and improved spectrum analyzer, now with external spectrum visualisation. This allows you to take any instance of Pro-Q 3 that you have on other tracks and superimpose the frequency graph onto your current instance of Pro-Q 3, so you can visualise the exact points at which frequencies of two instruments overlap. This feature is absolutely paramount to helping you carve out space in your track for different instruments.

Overall, FabFilter’s impressive changes to an already stellar plugin make Pro-Q 3 one of the most accessible, versatile and powerful EQ’s on the market and it now boasts a new level of flexibility that makes it the go-to EQ in almost any instance.

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