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Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 Review at Sound On Sound

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Scaler 2 is just the thing to get you out of a songwriting rut.

A little music theory can be really useful in the compositional stage of a project, and those who have not passed Music Theory 101 might find a bit of software assistance to be invaluable!

Scaler is built around an extensive knowledge base of chords, scales and harmony. The UI provides access to this via three broad zones: the upper 'detection' zone shows chords that are identified in incoming MIDI; the middle zone shows either the scale/chord combinations that best match those detected above, or a scale/chord combination from one of Scaler's many presets; and the lower zone lets you experiment with chord sequences.

For auditioning, you can trigger even complex chords with a single MIDI key, monitoring via a very usable selection of internal sounds or any virtual instrument in your DAW. Some MIDI keys are mapped to specific chords, but the rest of the note range can be used for melody creation alongside your triggered chords, and the notes can be constrained to fit the selected key/scale (ensuring no duff notes). Whether just as simple block chords, or as a 'performance' you create from the mapped chords and scale-corrected melodic key range, the MIDI can be copied to a DAW track for any further manipulation...


  • A music-theory assistant in a plug-in.
  • Excellent new performance and key modulation options.
  • New audio-detection facility.
  • Cracking value for money.


  • None.

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