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Your Exclusive McDSP Coupon for the 6060 Ultimate Module Collection

For a limited time only, save up to 64% off the Native and HD versions of McDSP's coveted Ultimate Module Collection with the following coupons. For more information in regards to using your coupons, click HERE.

6060 Ultimate Module Collection Native

The 6060 Ultimate Module Collection contains the largest collection of processing options of any module-based plug-in available. The 6060 includes over 30 unique modules for EQ, compression, saturation, distortion, specialized filtering, dynamic range expansion, gating, and more. Custom modules include bass optimized biasing for the larger than life low end, transformer-based tone shaping circuits for high end shine, tape simulation, de-essing and new EQ and compression designs.

Coupon for Native Version: 3d8am0i4

£72 / $89

Valid until 19th May 2021 (08:00 GMT)


6060 Ultimate Module Collection HD

The 6060 allows up to six modules to be operated at once. Modules can be arranged in any order and swapped on the fly using the module selector panel, or from the popup menu in each module. Any combination of modules can even be split into two separate signal paths for some serious parallel processing.  

The 6060 also includes updated compression algorithms not available in the 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip or the original 6030 Ultimate Compressor. Improvements include feedback and feedforward processing, and the rare option of negative compression on a few select modules.  

The 6060 is indeed, the ultimate module collection.

Coupon for HD Version: h13u0tx3

£119.99 / $149

Valid until 19th May 2021 (08:00 GMT)