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Just another 'me too' synth? Not quite...

Two or three oscillators, multimode filters, dual envelope generators, a couple of LFOs and some effects. You've seen it all before - or so you might think.

It's true that we've been inundated with virtual analogue synths over the past decade, yet aficionados of vintage synths would have you believe that the beloved classics of yore have never really been matched in software form. Certainly, there is a limit to the processing powers of even the mightiest PCs, and there is agreement that compromises must be made between audio quality and shaving a few CPU cycles from any emulation. Yet we can't help wondering how much the average user or listener really cares about such details. It's a debate that continues to rage.


  • Diva is architecturally straightforward, but it sounds phenomenal and arguably puts paid to the analogue vs. digital debate.


  • Absolutely stellar sound quality; precisely modelled components; easy to get around; terrific presets; patches accessible via MIDI messages.


  • CPU hit can be very brutal.


  • 5/5/ Stars

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