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Lately, I’ve been looking at a lot of orchestral libraries, but that doesn’t mean that I forgot my passion for base music and electronic sound. Today I will a look at an instrument that could even remind music makers, that have long ago sworn off basses and beats, why they got into it in the first place, and why they should get back into it.

I’m talking about SUBSTANCE by Output, the new bass virtual instrument for Kontakt with the potential to be the first big innovation in bass music since Massive. It combines sleek looks with high usability, provides good out of the box sound, and at the same time a lot of depth four modulation and customizing.

When Output recently announced a new product, we have all been wondering what it’s going to be, and some suspected something base related. From everyone I know, nobody suspected something like this, though, and so far everybody seems very positively surprised by this new beast that Output unleashed.

If you’ve been following Output over the past few years, you’ve probably come to know and respect them, for pushing the boundaries and bringing in something new and innovative with every release.

“SUBSTANCE” is no exception from that, and even though a part of me was wondering how long they can keep up the chain of great products, looking at “SUBSTANCE”, it obviously hasn’t ended yet.


“SUBSTANCE” is an extremely solid package, that offers a lot of flexibility and innovation in terms of bass design. For what it offers I would consider the price fairly low, and the deal a pretty good one.

The biggest selling point for me is that it was so much fun to play with this instrument. It just feels right and helps you do, what you want to do intuitively. In many presets I found myself reaching for one of the macros experimentally, and often it already did what I had in mind, without me having to assign anything.

This shows me that Output knows their stuff and know how to anticipate what most producers are going to want to do.


  • Playable instrument with 300 presets
  • Powerful 3-layer engine
  • Layer FX and global FX
  • 4 central macro sliders unique to each preset
  • Monophonic & Legato modes per layer
  • Rhythm page that syncs to tempo
  • Advanced arpeggiator
  • Complete effects control
  • Built-in help menu

SUBSTANCE runs in Kontakt or Free Kontakt player version 5.5.1 or higher. If you do not own Kontakt, there’s no problem, SUBSTANCE can also be used as a stand-alone, VST, Audio Units, ASIO, Core Audio, WASAPI, AAX plugin formats.

If you are into bass music at all or want to get into it, I highly recommend you add this amazing tool to your library for some “SUBSTANCE” in the low end!

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