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Accusonus Era-D review at Music Radar

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Era-D (AU/VST/AAX) is a dual-engine plugin combining noise and reverb suppression.

It comprises four processing modules - Signal Path, De-Noise, De-Reverberation and Artifact Control - with an Output module providing stereo or mono (left or right) monitoring of the wet, dry and wet/dry difference signals.

De-Noise and De-Reverberation each operate in Single or Dual mode, the former handling the input as a mono or dual mono signal, the latter taking into account the left and right differences in stereo signals.

Verdict: Although Era-D only reduces reverb, it does a great job of drying out source material, and noise reduction is a bonus.

For - Noise and reverb suppression. Dual mode for complex stereo signals. Serial and Parallel routing. Good real-time display.

Against - Reverb can only be suppressed, not rebalanced.

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