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Sonible Frei:raum review at Music Radar

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Sonible's first software release attempts a new approach to EQ, based on some unusual, powerful algorithms. At the heart of Frei:raum is a seven-band linear-phase equaliser that anchors an otherwise very forward-thinking processor in a sense of familiarity.

What makes the plugin (VST/AU/AAX) unique are its trio of "interactive" layers, each one designed for a specialised task that conventional EQ wouldn't usually try to address, and the three of which can be used in any combination.

Pros - Easy. Quick. Innovative. Familiar interface.

Cons - Prone to audible artifacts. Less useful on non-acoustic signals. We'd like more bands with more flexibility. Can murder your CPU.

Verdict - Utterly admirable in its approach, Frei:raum can be a bit too forward-thinking for its own good, but when it works, it's spectacular.

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