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Powerful Debut Synth Plugin

Listening to the demos and perusing the presets and parameters, you might be inclined to classify Reveal Sound's new cross-platform VST/AU synthesiser as yet another trance 'n' dance machine. And it may indeed be geared up for just that, with its fat unison oscillators and big, brash, bombastic tones.

Yet it only takes a little digging to unearth some clever and unusual features that give Spire the ability to do things you wouldn't expect from a typical virtual analogue synth.

We say "analogue" and, yes, Spire has all of the usual analogue fittings; however, it might be better to think of it simply as a subtractive synth in the truest sense of the term, by which we mean it starts with a complex waveform and filters frequencies out of it.

However, the available waveforms go far beyond the usual allotment of sine, saw, square and triangle shapes that we usually associate with virtual analogue synths.

Our Verdict
With terrific waveshaping and a monster mod matrix, this hybrid subtractive synth is an impressive debut for Reveal Sound.


  • Flexible oscillators
  • Accessible design
  • Self-resonating filters
  • Nicely outfitted LFOs
  • Superb modulation matrix


  • Touchy menus
  • Envelope shapes not shown in displays

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