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620x320 stagecraft madmod pluginboutique

deal - 85% off23 Dec - January 20, 2020

Stagecraft MadMod Holiday Sale (Exclusive)

MadMod takes modulation much further than your typical reactive filter, linking 6 different parameters to incoming audio, and each with its own custom scaling. This means you can cause the filter to fade in, skew higher, modulate more, flatten out, all at the same time and all scaled to incoming audio. Save big at Plugin Boutique for a limited time!
620x320 melda eternalmadness pluginboutique

deal - 50% off13 Jan - January 20, 2020

MeldaProduction Eternal Madness Sale

Save 50% off four MeldaProduction plugins every week! This week, save on MAutoAlign, MRhythmizer, MDynamics and MAutoEqualizer.
620x320 audiaire koda 28 pluginboutique %281%29

deal - 28% off15 Jan - January 22, 2020

Audiaire Koda Introductory Sale

Take full control of Ableton Live's drum and instrument racks like never before with Koda, a versatile Max for Live device built for creative sequencing. Only £25 / $32 for a limited time only!
620x320 kilohearts phaseplant new pluginboutique

deal - 41% off16 Jan - January 24, 2020

kiloHearts Phase Plant NAMM Sale (Exclusive)

Phase Plant is the all-in-one synth with unparalleled sound design capabilities. Featuring signal generators, effects, and modulators, Phase Plant gives you the possibilities to create any sound you can think of. Save 40% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 dopesonix bassengine1 new pluginboutique

deal - 51% off10 Jan - January 26, 2020

DopeSONIX Bass Engine 1 Sale (Exclusive)

With Bass Engine, DopeSONIX have studied the last three decades of Hip Hop production and have the selected the most representative bass sounds of that era. These basses include everything from dusty jazzy upright bass to floor shaking 808’s and everything in between. Save 50% off for a limited time at Plugin Boutique!
620x320 aas holiday pluginboutique

deal - Up To 51% off 4 Dec - January 29, 2020

AAS Holiday Sale

Save 50% off AAS's incredible range of physically modelled instruments and creative effects for a limited time only in our Holiday Sale. (Inc Upgrades, Expansions and Bundles)
620x320 izotope ozone new pluginbouique

deal - 20% off16 Jan - January 31, 2020

iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced Sale

Ozone 9 brings balance to your music with never-before-seen processing for low end, real-time instrument separation, and lightning-fast workflows powered by machine learning. Learn more about the new features and save 20% off for a limited time only.
620x320 positivegrid all 20 pluginboutique

deal - Up To 20% off 8 Jan - January 31, 2020

Positive Grid Sale

Save up to 50% off a selection of Positive Grid's awesome Amp and FX collection for a limited time only in this special Positive Grid Sale.
620x320 wa imperfect pluginboutique

deal - 85% off13 Dec - February 1, 2020

W.A Production ImPerfect Synth Sale

Most digital synths out there offer easily accessible functions, pristine digital quality and precisely tuned tones. “Imperfect” aims to break that trend with wavering detuned oscillators, modulating effects and a whole host of other functions designed to put the analogue fun back into synth programming.
620x320 denise eoy pluginboutique %283%29

deal - Up To 67% off28 Nov - February 1, 2020

denise Sale

denise create technical and creative tools to truly let you shape your sound: with natural transitions when moving controls, just like real instruments. Save up to 68% off this great range of unique tools. Including the new Perfect Room reverb. (Note each plugin also includes the new Slappy Delay for FREE!).
620x320 denise completecollection pluginboutique

deal - 60% off28 Nov - February 1, 2020

denise Complete Bundle Sale

The result of years of experience producing music. denise wanted to create technical and creative tools to truly let you shape your sound: with natural transitions when moving controls, just like real instruments; delicate DSP algorithms to refine your productions, and intuitive and clean UX to accomplish more in less time.
620x320 audiomodern paths1 2 pluginboutique

deal - 50% off13 Jan - February 1, 2020

Audiomodern Paths I & II NAMM Sale (Exclusive)

Paths I & II are the perfect Kontakt collections for crafting dramatic electronica and atmospheric underscores. If you create music to emote, these are the collections for you! Buy now at 50% off each!