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620x320 cherry audio voltage free lto pluginboutique

deal - 100% off19 Mar - September 30, 2020

Cherry Audio Voltage Nucleus FREE

The ultimate introduction to modular synthesis. This package includes all of the fundamentals of subtractive analogue synthesis. For a limited time only, download for FREE!
620x320 rigidaudiobigloopsbundle pluginboutique %282%29

deal - 95% off 1 Jul - August 1, 2020

Rigid Audio Big Loops Bundle (Exclusive)

Included in this bundle is a huge variety of cinematic synthesizers and thousands of presets that will provide you with sweeping granular synth sounds, ambient textures, rich basses and futuristic sound design. Save 95% off, exclusively at Plugin Boutique!
620x320 rigidaudio viego pluginboutique

deal - 90% off10 Jul - August 4, 2020

Rigid Audio Viego Introductory Sale

Ideal for cinematic film scoring, Viego is a collection of 256 rich cinematic pads and soundscapes created from waveforms and wavetable synthesis. Save 90% off and buy now for only £3.95 / $5!
620x320 wa right pluginboutique %281%29

deal - 97% off16 Jun - July 14, 2020

W.A Production Outlaw Mega Bundle Sale

Outlaw is the gain-riding plugin from W.A Production. Save over 90% off and get it with a full collection of plugins, samples and DAW templates for only £3.95 / $5!
620x320 izotope iris pluginboutique %281%29

deal - 93% off 1 Jul - August 1, 2020

iZotope Iris 2 Sale (Exclusive)

Create and discover musical sounds that have never been heard before with Iris 2, the inspiring sample-based synthesizer. Buy now for only £8.95 / $9.99, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 wa babylonexpansions pluginboutique %281%29

deal - 90% off18 Jun - July 21, 2020

W.A Production Babylon Bundle Sale

With powerful multi-voice oscillators, stereo unison & detuning, high-quality filters, effects and an internal modulation matrix, Babylon is a powerful but perfectly formed synthesizer. Save 90% off and buy now for only £8.95 / $9.90!
620x320 airmusic hybrid3extended pluginboutique

deal - 96% off 1 Jul - August 3, 2020

Air Music Hybrid 3 Sale

This high-definition virtual synthesizer combines the coveted warmth of analog synths with a full range of futuristic digital manipulation capabilities. For a limited time only save 95% off and buy now for £3.95 / $4.99!
620x320 wa imprint pluginboutique %281%29

deal - 87% off 9 Jul - July 22, 2020

W.A Production Imprint Sale

Transient shaping is the key to getting your audio upfront and punchy. Add extra power to your kicks, or tame the tails of your synths lines and more. Save 87% off Imprint for a limited time only and buy now for £3.95 / $5!
620x320 wa right orchid pluginboutique %282%29

deal - 80% off25 Jun - August 4, 2020

W.A Production Orchid Introductory Sale

Fatten up synths, basses, guitars, vocals or drums and add depth, richness and harmonic structure with Orchid, the brand new chorus plugin from W.A Production. Buy now for only £5.95 / $7.90!
620x320 stagecraft infinity synth new pluginboutique

deal - 80% off28 Apr - August 1, 2020

Stagecraft Infinity Synth Introductory Sale

Expand your soundscape to infinity with infinity Synth, a sample-based synth designed for maximum expressiveness. Save 80% off and get in now for only £7.95 / $10!
620x320 initialaudio boostx pluginboutique

deal - 81% off22 May - August 1, 2020

Initial Audio Boost X Introductory Sale

Make your sounds warmer by adding extra harmonics with Boost X, the dynamic and smart saturation plugin from Initial Audio. Save 80% off and buy now for only £11.95 / $15.
620x320 airmusic xpand!2extended pluginboutique

deal - 78% off13 Mar - August 3, 2020

AIR Music Technology Xpand!2 Sale

Xpand!2 is a multitimbral workstation offering four active sound slots or parts, per patch. Save 78% off the awesome workstation for a limited time only at Plugin Boutique.