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Max 4 Live Bundle

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Introducing the Max 4 Live Bundle (Time Limited & Exclusive)

We have combined two of the most powerful and creative tools custom designed for Max 4 Live alongside a Niche Audio 909 drum kit for Ableton Drum Racks. Sonic Faction's Tricky Traps is a collection of 16 creative contraptions spanning sequencers, instruments, Audio and MIDI effects that are tons of fun to play. Fusing this alongside Random Riff Generator PRO from Audiomodern which is a midi tool that generates sequences for you, the Max 4 Live Bundle guarantees unexpected and wonderful results.

Sonic Faction Tricky Traps

Creative Contraptions

Tricky Traps is a collection of 16 creative contraptions spanning sequencers, instruments, Audio and MIDI effects that are tons of fun to play. Chain devices together to trigger unexpected reactions and happy accidents – and experience a new level of customized grid control on Push and Launchpad Pro/Mk2.

Essential Sequential

At the heart of the Tricky Traps collection are 5 unique sequencer & MIDI effects. Each device has its own unique properties that allow you to quickly generate unexpected melodic and rhythmic moments. Draw in sequences by hand and interact with your sound in realtime, all from the Push or Launchpad Pro grid.

Sound Control To Major Tom

The Tricky Traps approach to audio effects is focused entirely on custom control mapping and hands-on interaction with an effect or instrument parameter. The 3 audio effects contained in this bundle provide a whole new dimension of modulation and expressive, hands-on control from the Push and Launchpad Pro/MKii grid.

Sonic Playground

No MIDI sequencer collection is complete without sound sources to trigger. Tricky Traps provides simple and beautiful sounding instruments to be used in conjunction with its MIDI and audio effects. Each of the 8 instruments is stripped down to its bare essence, providing the crucial controls for that sound.

Learn more about Sonic Faction Tricky Traps

Audiomodern Random Riff Generator PRO

Audiomodern presents Random Riff Generator PRO, created by developer Mario Nieto, Random Riff Generator PRO is an advanced melody, riff & sequence generator midi tool for Max For Live.

Random Riff Generator PRO is a midi tool that generates sequences for you, these midi sequences/riffs can be sent to any synth, software or hardware, sampler, drum machine.. and basically anything that accepts a midi signal.

It is literally a swiss army knife for creating random melodies, sequences and musical riffs on the spot and it goes as far as your imagination can.

You can use Random Riff Generator PRO with any kind of software or hardware synth, sampler, drum machine and so on. You’ll be surprised about its incredible flexibility in producing so inspirational results.

Random Riff Generator PRO has been designed to promote music creation both in studio and live with a simple and convenient user interface.


  • Advanced random sequence & riff creator
  • Auto/Keyboard mode
  • Advanced Scale selector
  • Advanced quantization section
  • Octave selector
  • Save/Load and preset selector
  • Step & Loop section
  • The only available plugin of its kind!

Learn more about Audiomodern Random Riff Generator PRO.

Niche Audio Planet 909

Most 909 sample packs are unprocessed recordings using variations of the 909s drum tunings and decays. Others are passively sampled through some kind of analog summing buss, a console, or recorded to analog tape. These are great and cover a lot of bases for musicians. However, the vast majority of records made with real 909 drums have processing on them, sometimes huge amounts of EQ and compression have been used on the 909 sounds. The great thing is, even with copious amounts of processing the909 doesn't lose its character, on the contrary processing can seriously enhance a 909 in all areas, and of course make it dangerously punchy! Processing can also make the 909 deep, moody, and oozing with vibe!

At Niche Audio we believe the 909 when processed and abused through the right gear takes its vibe to another level! We felt such a909 sample collection was missing - a 909 sample pack lovingly created and saturated with vibe and character, along with user flexibility! That is what we intended…and we believe this collection succeeds in capturing the soul of one of the most legendary analog drum machines ever made, and processed by some of the best boutique hardware around.


  • Ableton Live 9
  • 20 Drum Racks
  • 238 Samples

Learn more Niche Audio Planet 909

System Requirements

Sonic Faction Tricky Traps

  • Requires Ableton Live 9.6 Suite and Max For Live 7
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or 10.9 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 (latest service pack, 32/64-bit)
  • 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)

Audiomodern Random Riff Generator

  • Ableton Live 8.1
  • Max For Live 7.1 or higher

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