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The 60s Rogers Pop Kit Single Hits Pack

Virtual Instrument by DrumDrops

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The 60s Roger Pop Kit Replicates the Drum Sound From Old 60s Pop Records

Perhaps the decade that shaped the modern world and pop culture more than any other, the sixties certainly had a huge impact on music. Everyone knows all about the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but alongside them were a host of other bands, singers and songwriters pushing the boundaries of recording and pop... Burt Bacharach, Joe Meek, Dusty Springfield, Georgie Fame, Tom Jones, Scott Walker...

Many of the drummers and session musicians who played on these hits had cut their teeth in the dance halls and big bands of the fifties so had a certain swing and lightness of touch to their playing that makes their grooves more interesting. They played more quietly too, not least because they were often recorded on few microphones as part of a much larger band, so balancing one's own instrument to the room was an important skill to acquire. 

The styles played were diverse and often fused together... some rock and roll and skiffle grooves, old style Latin and dance rhythms... Blues and soul influences from America and of course the famous Merseybeat sound and London scene too... And let's not forget a sharp suited Michael Caine and the sparse jazzy vibe of John Barry's soundtracks. We've tried to recreate the pop drum sound of the 60s in this kit which will over time be available in all the usual packs.

Recorded on a lovely old Rogers kit from the era and mic'd up old style in a dry sounding booth, these samples will help add an authentic 60s vibe to your songs, soundtracks and commercials.

The kit we used is a Rogers PowerTone from the late 1960s and consists of a 22” kick drum, 13” rack tom and 16” floor tom. Perfect for the sound we were after. We used two snare drums, a 1960s Ludwig 400 (again!) as it is such a classic and a Ludwig 1950s classic Buddy Rich model. 

The kit was tuned up and prepared by London session drummer Tim Weller with Drumdrops engineer Ben Thackeray. Session drummer Jonathan Atkinson was the drummer on sampling duties. The Rogers was recorded during the same session as the Swinging 60s Pop Drops Volume 1 drum tracks album, so you can hear exactly how the non sampled kit sounds there. We used one of the smaller studios at our disposal, Miloco's The Bridge (where the kit resides) which has a very small live space which was perfect for the sound of this kit. The kit was recorded with minimal microphones (a Kick, snare and 3 kit mics) which helps with the sound.

The Single Hits pack comes with 10 patches for different samplers and includes three velocities of each articulation. The patches included are for Battery 3, Kontakt 5, EXS24, Maschine, Geist, Studio One's Impact Soundset, Ableton Drum Rack, iDrum, Renoise and Reason Refills but if you run any legacy drum machines such as Akai MPC60s this pack may be ideal as it includes 16 bit WAVs as well as 24 bit WAVs. This pack comes loaded with 138 samples.

To buy Multi-tracks, stems and loops recorded on the real kit head to Loopmasters HERE.

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