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Drum Machine by AudioSpillage

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PLEASE NOTE: This product is available as a Mac Audio Unit ONLY. No refunds will be issued for incorrect purchasing.

Elecktroid Drum Machine

Elecktroid blends synthesis and sample playback in a single integrated package. Combine the depth and power of drum synthesis with your existing sample collections and sync both to a brand new rhythm oriented step sequencer with more than a few tricks up its digital sleeves.

Synthetic Heart

Pulsing away deep inside Elecktroid you'll find 4 of our exclusive drum synthesis models: BassDrum, WoodDrum, HiHat and Snare. The drum synths are 100% algorithmic and utilise high quality DSP code for a deep, powerful and punchy sound. The synthesis algorithms can be used as the basis of an entire rhythm track on their own or layered with samples to add weight, depth and character to your existing sound sets and rhythms.

Sampler Spine

The backbone of Elecktroid is a high quality low CPU sample playback engine. Load up your favourite samples via the simple drag and drop interface. Refresh and re-animate your existing collection with the pitch envelope, modulation, distortion, filter and graphic loop editing capabilities. Elecktroid can velocity cross-fade between 2 samples per pad and accepts WAV, AIFF and CAF format files.

Sequencer Brain

Forget about stale lifeless rhythms. Elecktroid features custom track lengths and step trigger probability controls opening the door to a world of non-repetitive poly-rhythmic beats. Inject groove and humanoid feel to suit. Elecktroid's sequencer is a resolution-independent design so patterns play at the correct tempo regardless of step length (16th, 32nd etc). Elecktroid also features graphic velocity and parameter control graph editing.

System Requirements

  • Apple Logic Pro: 7.2.3+
  • Ableton Live: 8.0.5+
  • Presonus Studio One: 1.6+
  • Five12 Numerology SE/Pro: 2.0+
  • MOTU Digital Performer: 6.0+
  • Native Instruments Maschine: 1.6+ (64-bit*)
  • Plogue Bidule: 0.9690+
  • Cockos Reaper: 3.1+
  • Renoise: 2.1+
  • AudioMulch: 2.1+

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