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Bit Crusher by denise

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Denis emery t pluginboutique
"I like how Bite adds some subtle presence to the sounds. It also can be more brutal by adding noise, and using the filters to target frequencies."
. Mastering Engineer / Producer
Hi5ghost pluginboutique
"The analog feature for a bit crusher is genius and paired with the high and low pass filters, it is easy to focus the distortion and how warm you want it to be. A tool fix for many jobs."
. DJ / Producer

Bruise, break and crush to get that LoFi house-techno, industrial and IDM sound, but with full control and an analog edge. Sink your teeth into our new plugin!


  • Transitions continuously from 32-bit all the way down to 1-bit. For smooth automation with surgical precision.
  • Use the analog control to go from harsh and digital to subtle with a warm tone.
  • Full control over the frequency range you want to crush. Preserve the low end and color your sound.
  • Use on a bus of full mix with the link button to retain the stereo image.

The denise Bite is a flexible bit-crusher plugin for adding subtle and not-so-subtle digital style distortion to your tracks. It has been designed to transition smoothly from 32-bit all the way down to 1-bit, and has a continuous ‘analog’ control that softens the digital edges caused by the quantization process. Together with its variable-slope multiband setup and stereo link option, the denise Bite is a smooth and versatile tool that combines best of both the analog and the digital realm

Use Cases

1. “You like the sound of a particular synth lead or pad, but it sounds very clean and using regular saturation and distortion sounds nasty.” Many synthesis-based virtual instruments sound very clean and therefore lack character. The denise Bite allows you to add subtle noisy distortion to your tracks in a more musical way than you can with regular saturation or distortion

2. “You are trying to distort a noisy track or ambient recording, but saturation and distortion have little effect.” Tracks that mostly consist of noise or ambient sounds like rain or wind are difficult to distort with traditional distortion. The denise Bite lets you distort even a pure noise-signal, getting it to cut through the mix with ease

3. “Your mix, bus or vocal track lacks character but you don’t know how to add that typical lo-fi gritty sound.” Lowering the bit depth of a track can instantly get you that typical lo-fi sound, but a regular Bite usually sounds overly harsh and uncontrolled. The denise Bite lets you reduce your track’s bit depth gradually, smooth out any digital edges and control it’s color and stereo image. Especially when using the Bite in parallel it is capable of producing extremely gentle and predictable noise and distortion.

System Requirements

  • Windows: VST, VST3, AAX

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