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ImPerfect & Expansions Bundle

FX Bundle by W.A Production

You can now get ImPerfect along with all expansion packs, giving you ImPerfect with a huge amount of brand new additional presets, in one unique package.

Special Shifting Synth

Most digital synths out there offer easily accessible functions, pristine digital quality and precisely tuned tones. “Imperfect” aims to break that trend with wavering detuned oscillators, modulating effects and a whole host of other functions designed to put the analogue fun back into synth programming. 

The architecture behind Imperfect will be familiar to anyone who’s used a soft-synth before, with 5 powerful oscillators, envelopes, filters, LFOs and an arpeggiator. Where things start to get interesting is with the 3 special modulation sliders. Named “Wacky”, “Cracky” and “Shaky”, these functions introduce modulated effects, saturated harmonics and tuning inconsistencies. Make your pads sound authentically analogue and keep your arpeggios moving by adjusting these sliders to create all sorts of circuit-bending scenarios. The modulations don’t stop there; almost any of Imperfect’s parameters can be assigned to the constantly shifting dual X/Y pads and played live or programmed with MIDI automation. 


  • Fully functioning synth with analogue-style imperfections
  • 5 Oscillator modules
  • 3 Unique transformation parameters
  • Hundreds of factory presets
  • 260 Preset Waveforms & load your own samples
  • Dual X/Y pads
  • Filters & Effects
  • Real-time waveform display
  • Dual Envelopes & LFOs
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video

Learn more about ImPerfect.

What About: Ambient for ImPerfect

What About: Ambient for ImPerfect is the ultimate preset pack that will unleash all of the capabilities of ImPerfect. Having been designed to make imperfections shine, what better way to get your hands and ears on those unique sounds than with What About: Ambient for Imperfect from W. A. Production.  

We all know that ambient sounds carry lots of interesting frequencies. Imagine being able to load them up in ImPerfect and modify your way into soundscapes beyond this world. Add some relaxation to your chill, fantasy to your trance, atmosphere to your trap, and noise to your industrial. No matter the style of EDM you are creating, What About: Ambient for ImPerfect will add that extra something that you've been missing.

Learn more about What About: Ambient for ImPerfect.

What About: Vocals for ImPerfect

Looking for more reasons as to why Imperfect is so perfect? Then check out this latest addition, What About: Vocals for ImPerfect. ImPerfect gladly accepts the imperfection in sounds. Why not use those imperfections and shape them into something totally unique? Rather than work against you, they can work for you. 

That's why W.A Production are giving you 50 vocal presets for ImPerfect. That's right, with these 50 additional preset sounds added to the ImPerfect library you can add wacky, cracky and shaky to develop a sound that will put the vocal presence into your mix or allow you to design an atmosphere for any occasion. This isn't your typical ooohh's and aahhhh's vocal pack. With so many different ways to edit and manipulate the number of combinations that you can use you can end up with an endless array of possibilities that are nearly ImPossible to duplicate.  

Learn more about What About: Vocals for ImPerfect.

System Requirements

  • VST - Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only)
  • VST / AU - Mac OSX 10.7 or higher (64-bit only)
  • AAX - ProTools 11 or higher

Note: The AAX version of the product requires ProTools 11 or higher.

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