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The King

Compressor by W.A Production

Dj bl3nd
"This plugin is AMAZING! My Favourite mastering plugin as of now!"
DJ Bl3nd. Electronic music artists with over 1 million YouTube subscribers and more than 4 million Facebook followers.
Dj tonka plugin boutique
"The King makes your instruments stand out and shine! It just takes a few seconds to get fantastic results. One my favourite plug-ins already!"
DJ Tonka. German electronic music artist.
Austin leeds testimonial pluginboutique
"The King Plugin is just fantastic. I love how many options it gives you in just 1 plug in. It has everything you need to make your tracks sounds awesome!"
Austin Leeds. Austin Leeds is a dance/electronic Music Producer from Miami in the United States.

What is The King?

The King is an extremely powerful and beautiful Compression Plug-In that has a dynamic amount of features and effects to really bring your track to life. Able to be used on your Master channel, or on individual Audio tracks or MIDI Instruments to allow full customization and effectiveness. The King has the ability to give the users control over 5 bands (Low, Low Mid, Mid, High Mid and High) and with this access allows the user to perfect the sound of each frequency group. Increase the individual band Threshold, increase or decrease the individual band Make Up Gain, fix the Input / Output Gain to your liking, add a limiter and so much more! 

The King was developed to create ease for the everyday producer and DJ. Designed and Developed by the powerful team of W. A. Production, The King is by far the most complex, clean and versatile multi-band compression plug-in to every hit the market. Using this plug in on your master will bring an entire new light to your mix. Allowing the individual frequencies to fill where they are supposed to. The idea with adding all of these amazing features to this plug-in was an idea we believe will help everyone. 

EQ’ing is a very important part of producing, and though the Magic EQ is not meant to be the sole EQ of your entire mix or instrument, it does a fantastic job of cleaning out any mud in the spectrum prior to post EQ’ing the instrument later on in the production. Being able to run the entire effect through a Limiter eliminates any frequency mesh that may cause clipping. 

The Limiter keeping the track at 0db removes the need for another third party Limiting plug-in, unless there is still a need for another limiter for other production techniques. This plug-in is an absolute beast, and we believe it will be the last multi-band compression plug-in any producer will need to invest in!

5 Band Threshold and Make Up Gain

Very important feature The King provides is the individual band Threshold and Make Up Gain controls. These features are one of the most important and viable resources in The King, and we know they will come in handy to any and every producer out there. Being able to control a 5 band Threshold and Make Up gain allows you to control exactly what band plays louder or become more intense. 

Adjusting the Threshold of the Low frequency, for example, will bring out the low in, or sub bass, of the track or instrument. You must be careful however not to increase the Threshold to much and not over compensate with the Make Up Gain. Which brings us to that, the Make Up Gain. This feature is meant to clean up the Threshold of whatever band you increase. There are 5 bands, which means 5 Threshold and Make Up Gain controls. 

Each Make Up Gain control is a counter to how intense you make the Threshold, and works really well at cleaning out any not needed distortion and or clipping.

The Mix Knob

The Mix knob in any plug-in, whether it be in an effects plug-in like The King or a Synth plug-in, is very important and can be used in many different ways. The uniqueness of The King’s mix knob is the functionality of it and the fact that it is not just an ordinary Mix knob. Yes, the Mix knob is the amount of the effected plug-in sound that the user will hear, and adjusting it lets the producer hear what the sound sounded like before The King’s effects and after. 

But, you can use the Mix knob as a parallel compressor by simply adding just 30% of the effected sound to the mix. This is a unique effect that brings a really creative and moving sound that we know producers will be happy with.

The Limiter

The King is packed with amazing features, one of these crazy features is our Limiter. The Limiter allows the track effected by The King to not pass over the 0db mark. This is an important factor in mixing and mastering, as most noises or instruments over 0db clip. The King prevents clipping in all aspects, mastering or mixing down and instrument or audio track. 

With The King having a built in Limiter, there is no longer the need to add another separate Limiter Plug-in, The King has it covered!

Magic EQ

Another powerful and innovative feature The King has to offer is Magic EQ. Magic EQ is an Equalizer that comes with 3 different shapes/ curves. The Magic EQ’s 1st shape/ curve is there to clean up and shape the mud frequencies either in the over all master of a track, or a separate audio file or MIDI instrument. It clears way for more effects to be added later, and dampens the compression from The King only a little which allows for more room to work with the individual sound. 

The 2nd and 3rd are primarily meant to clear up your mastering channel. Yes, you can use the 2nd and 3rd Magic EQ setting for individual audio files and or MIDI instruments but you see the biggest difference when using these EQ shapes/ curves on your master. Increasing the Magic EQ knob intensifies the shape/ curve and adjust the effectiveness of the Magic EQ on said Audio file, MIDI instrument or master.

Upward/Downward Compression

Another amazing feature The King has to offer is an Upward and Downward feature that allows any producer to beef up their master rack, audio file or MIDI instrument. We wanted producers to have the amazing capability to spice up their track and add some flavor to the compression of the 5 bands. Both of these effects default at 100, but can be switched off at 0 or at a max at 200. The option on hour these features are used and how much is completely the producer’s choice. 

We want to be able to allow the producers to customize the Attack and Decay of these features, so we have implemented a Time knob that when tuned up increases the Attack and Decay. We know and are extremely confident that producers a like with love this feature, and really see that it makes a major difference in their track!

Input/ Output Gain

A major factor in compression plug-ins is an Input Gain and an Output Gain option. These two options are extremely important based on what you are using The King on. Say you have a MIDI Instrument and you need to judge how much of the instrument gains into The King, you would adjust the Input Gain knob, and to judge how much The King’s effects push out into the mix. 

These features are important to understand and use, because they can bring the clarity of the effect and really show how amazing The King is. We really hope producers abuse this feature to really get that intense sound that The King provides!


Videos & Audio Courses!

The King is also strapped with Video Tutorials and Audio Courses! We have included these things to help the beginners and even the professionals understand that The King is an extremely versatile compressor. In these tutorials and courses, you will learn about Mastering, Sound Design, Instrument Busses, Vocal Mixing, Piano Mastering and SO much more! Now we showed you exactly what you were getting with The King when you purchase it, which was a massive amount of high quality samples and presets. Why not show you what you get with the Tutorials and Courses? Take a look below and check it out! You WON’T be disappointed! 

3 Audio Courses:

  • Redhead Roman - Explaining Mastering, Effecting Drums & Busses and Effecting Individual Elements using The King. (+ Secret Tips!)
  • Dazkol - The King Overview, Bass Sound Design, Bass Music Mastering with The King.
  • Josh Isaacs - Mastering with The King, Using The King on Instrument Busses and Using The King on Vocals.

7 Video Tutorials:

  • Multiplier  -  Effecting Drums & Electro 
  • Eric Kauffmann  -  The King Review in Spanish 
  • Arcade  -  Effecting Piano & Mastering 
  • Austin Leeds  -  Using The King in Logic Pro 
  • Nikk  - Effecting Various Elements 
  • Reuben  -  Plugin Explanation & Overview 
  • Redhead Roman  -  Bundle Explanation (The King + Bonus Content)

Bonus Content!!

The team at W. A. Production wanted to hook up any and everyone who gets their hands on The King. So, as a huge thank you and a major BONUS, we are giving out TONS of amazing quality Samples, MIDI, Presets and DAW Templates when you purchase The King! We as a production company that has been doing Sound Design and Sample Pack creation for a while now, know how difficult it can be to get your hands on some amazing quality samples and presets. And even sometimes when you do find samples and presets that you enjoy the company who made the pack chargers WAY too much for it. Well, not here! You get a crazy amount of amazing Templates and Samples for FREE with the one time purchase of The King. So to sum up, that’s an amazing plug-in that will enhance and intensify anything it touches, PLUS a TON of amazingly high quality Samples, Presets and MORE! Curious to know what you get if you get your hands on The King? Take a look below!

DAW Templates (To present you the power of The King!):

  • 5 Ableton Live Templates + Construction Kits (MIDI and Presets Provided)
  • 6 FL Studio 12 Templates + Construction Kits (MIDI and Presets Provided)

Samples & Loops:

  • 90 Drum Loops
  • 94 Kick Samples
  • 83 Claps, Snares & Snaps
  • 33 Percussion Samples
  • 20 Cymbals
  • 12 Fills
  • 48 FX
  • 48 Melody Loops + MIDI
  • 20 Synth Shots

Presets & Patches:

  • 70 Serum Presets
  • 20 Sylenth1 Presets
  • 10 Spire Presets

Bonus/Bonus Content:

  • 20 Bonus Big Room MIDI
  • 18 Bonus Deep House MIDI

System Requirements


  • Mac OSX 10.7 and later (32 & 64-bit) 


  • Audio Units (AU)
  • VST
  • VST3


  • Windows 7 and later (32 & 64-bit) 


  • VST
  • VST3

Please Note: Due to bonus video and audio content the download is 16GB and will require a stable net connection to download. 

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