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Glitchmachines Sample Pack Bundle (Exclusive)

Sample Packs by Glitchmachines

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Plugin Boutique Presents the Glitchmachines Sample Pack Bundle.


This exclusive collection combines four of Glitchmachines' finest sample packs in one unique set. Featuring an array of forward-thinking sound effects, this collection is the ideal purchase for music producers, game audio specialists and multimedia application developers.

Dive into a deep sonic landscape filled with alien artefacts, circuit bent malfunctions, sinister atmospheres, electromagnetic fields and much, much more!

Included Products: Vimana, Biomorph, Microsphere, Syndrone.


Vimana features 4,083 designed sound effects with a high-tech extraterrestrial aesthetic.

Sound designer Ivo Ivanov brings us a massive collection of brand new science fiction sounds including high-tech UI effects, mutated biomechanical organisms, morphing flybys, shape-shifting dimensional rifts, twisted humanoid articulations and ancient alien artefacts that defy categorization.

Vimana comes with 4.7 GB of 24-bit/96 kHz .wav audio content that is equally geared toward music production, game audio and multimedia applications. Whether you’re working on a blockbuster sci-fi shooter game, a modern electronic music album or a high-tech multimedia project, you will undoubtedly find this collection to be an indispensable resource.

Learn more about Vimana.


You will find a broad spectrum of extraterrestrial sound effects including hyper-stylized digital soundscapes, mutated organisms, granulated liquids, twisted robotic vocalizations, sophisticated low-frequency effects and morphing plasmic textures that defy conventional categorization.

Biomorph comes with nearly 5 GB of 24-bit / 96 kHz .wav audio content that is specifically designed to be equally geared toward music production, game audio and multimedia applications. If your next project calls for the sounds of ancient extraterrestrial artifacts, eerie inter-dimensional entities, gritty biomechanical articulations or foreboding atmospheres, you will undoubtedly find this collection of sound effects to be an indispensable resource.

Learn more about Biomorph.


By recording electromagnetic fields with special equipment, we have captured an exotic collection of hidden sounds, including audible data transmissions, noise-beds, code sequences, noise bursts and other aural artefacts normally concealed from our sensory perception.

Microsphere comes with 4GB of 24bit 96khz .wav audio content, including abstract interface tones, detailed scientific computations, hyper-dimensional holographic grids, precision motion gesture signals and intricate interference bursts. Whether you are creating complex transitions for a cutting-edge electronic music project or building hi-tech weapon effects for a sci-fi shooter game, Microsphere delivers an extraordinary palette of sound that will take your productions into uncharted territory.

Learn more about Microsphere.


Syndrone features over 4.2 GB of alien environments, sinister drones and otherworldly atmospheres.

This massive pack invites you to explore intergalactic battle drones, tense dreamscapes and alien soundscapes from another dimension. Designed primarily for adventurous sound designers and electronic musicians, Syndrone is presented in 24-bit/ 96 kHz detail and consists of sounds that range between 30 to 120 seconds in length.

Syndrone’s slowly evolving performances are designed to provoke feelings of tension, anxiety and doom. Whether you are working on a post-apocalyptic sci-fi video game, dark electronic track, paranormal television series or cinematic trailer for a psychological horror film, this pack will infuse your projects with a sinister, otherworldly aesthetic.

Learn more about Syndrone.

System Requirements

  • Approximately 18GB of hard drive space
  • Broadband Internet connection for product download

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