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Beginners Guide To Traktor Pro

Video Courses by Producertech

This high quality DJ course from Rob Jones focuses on Native Instruments’ Traktor. The course provides a clear and concise look at the fundamentals of one of the world’s most popular pieces of DJ software, and will get you mixing like a pro in no time at all.

Following on from his highly successful Beginners Guide to DJing course, senior Producertech tutor Rob Jones returns with another high quality DJ course, this time focusing on Native Instruments’ Traktor. The course provides a clear and concise look at the fundamentals of one of the world’s most popular DJ software platforms, and will have you mixing like a pro in no time at all.

With over an hour of carefully written tutorials, Rob efficiently covers all the basics of the software in his concise yet detailed style. Starting off with a general overview, Rob then goes on to explain the track browser, giving invaluable tips on how to organise your music collection. He then takes a look at some of the essentials of the software, including the track decks, and discusses vital features such as setting cue points and key controls. Rob also gives an insight into the mixer section, teaching how to use EQ and filtering to create seamless and smooth mixes, before covering a few of the multitude of FX available within Traktor, demonstrating how they can take your mixing skills to the next level.

The course also comes with an extra bonus module that explains the technology behind Traktor’s new stems concept, which is a recent development from Native Instruments that provides DJs with multi-track mixing possibilities. With support from DJs such as global megastar Carl Cox, stems looks set to revolutionise digital DJing!

Accompanying the course are 2 free DJ Mixtools stems tracks in Deep House and Neurofunk styles for you to experiment with, both courtesy of Loopmasters. For more information check the trailer, sample module and track from the course (located by clicking the right arrow above the main product graphic).

Sample Module

Module 1 - Intro and Overview

The course begins with a quick overview of the Traktor software, explaining some of the key features and showing how easy it is to mix two tracks.

Module 2 - Track Browser

This second module takes a look at the browser, showing how to import tracks, search for them, and also how to categorise them into organised playlists.

Module 3 - Track Decks

This video looks at the main mode for Traktor’s decks, explaining various features such as tempo sync, the beatgrid, and the phase meter.

Module 4 - Cue Points

This lesson teaches how to set cue points on a track, which can be useful if you want to mix in from a later section of the track, or check the track is in time before playing it out.

Module 5 - Looping

Setting loops and changing their length in Traktor is explained, and their usefulness when mixing is also discussed.

Module 6 - Mixer Levels

Rob takes a look a the Mixer section within Traktor, explaining the track faders and crossfader and providing guidance on how to use them to have complete control over the levels of a track when mixing in and out.

Module 7 - Mixer EQ and Filters

Staying within the Mixer section, Rob shows how to use the EQ and filters to create smoother transitions when mixing.

Module 8 - Key Controls

This module takes a quick look at the key lock feature of Traktor, meaning the pitch of the track isn’t altered when the tempo is increased or decreased.

Module 9 - Using FX

This video explains the available FX within Traktor, and how to apply them to create more interesting, varied and fun mixes.

Module 10 - Mixing Externally

This module shows how to set up external mixing within Traktor, which you may use if you have a regular hardware DJ mixer.

Module 11 - Headphones Options

In this lesson, Rob takes a look at the monitoring options within Traktor, showing how to set up a monitor mix with different DJing setups.

Module 12 - Recording a Mix

This quick video shows how easy it is to record a mix within Traktor, which could then be uploaded to Mixcloud/ Soundcloud.

Module 13 - Useful Preferences

The course is concluded with a look at some more useful features within Traktor’s preferences.

Bonus Module - Intro to Stems

As a bonus, Rob takes a look at Native Instruments’ new stems format, explaining what they are and how to use them to have full control over a mix, being able to effectively re-arrange tracks on the fly!

Key Features:

  • Acessible 24/7/365
  • 1 Hour of DJing tutorials
  • Stream the videos directly from our site
  • Bonus free DJ Mixtools stems from Loopmastersover a mix, being able to effectively re-arrange tracks on the fly!

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