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Dynamic Filter

Important note: This software is Mac compatible only (Audio Units) and will not function on PC computers.

Atom is a filter with focus on dynamic, tempo-synchronised modulation. It features five different resonant filter types each with three slope settings – up to super-steep -48 dB/octave. But what makes it special is its two modulators which feature multiple waveforms and run at rates from 1/128 note to 16 bars. Thanks to the chaos function which randomises the amplitude of each modulator cycle, as well as lag switch that smoothens the waveform curves, Atom allows you to easily create lively, elaborate filter effects that work perfectly for pretty much any kind of input source.

Atom is also the first Sinevibes plugin to feature a new interface design language that cleanly presents internal components and logical or audio connections between them. With immediate response and no menus to get lost in, Atom is a simple yet delightful tool that you will surely use a lot.


  • Multi-mode filter with five types and –12/24/48 dB/octave slope steepness
  • Dual modulators with eight waveforms, per-cycle chaos function and shape lag on/off switch
  • Advanced transport sync algorithm with support for tempo and time signature automation
  • Extensive use of OS X Core Animation and Accelerate frameworks for hardware-accelerated graphics and audio processing

System Requirements

  • Supports OS X 10.6 or later, running on 32 or 64-bit Intel Macs
  • Works with any application that supports Audio Unit (AU) effect plugins
  • Supports Retina screen resolution


Hologram works with Logic, GarageBand, Live, MainStage, ReNoise, Reaper, Studio One, Digital Performer, Tracktion and other software that supports Audio Unit effect plugins. It comes in 32/64 bit format for Intel Macs running OS X 10.6 or later, and supports Retina screen resolution.

Important Notes: 

  • This software is Mac compatible only (Audio Units) 
  • An Audio Units (AU) compatible DAW is also required to run this software
  • This software will not function on PC computers

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