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Niche Audio Maschine & Ableton Bundle

Maschine & Ableton Bundle by Exclusive Bundles+

For a very limited time Niche Audio are offering a stunning collection of ten Maschine and Ableton Live packs for £99 saving a whopping 60% off the normal price (£249.50). This is a one time offer so be quick and don’t miss out.

Niche Audio presents House and Techno Bundle for the masses. What you get is ten of our superbly crafted Maschine or Ableton live packs specifically for the House and Techno producers out there. It doesn’t matter what specific style of House or Techno you produce,  your guaranteed to be covered with this bundle.

The 2500 one shot samples is easily worth the asking price but of course Niche Audio really does go the extra ten miles. All our packs are designed for instant inspiration and therefor include numerous patterns,  starter projects, and professionally balanced and mixed kits using the hosts FX and processors. Most of the packs kits are colour coded and for Maschine users all packs are fully tagged down to the sample level making it a breeze to search for the exact sound you want as well as constructing your own kits with effortlessly.

Once installed you will have 166 professionally constructed kits brimming with guaranteed authenticity for the genre. As you flick through the kits the amount of inspiration included far exceeds any other sample pack you probably have.It’s easy to start changing sounds, moving midi notes around and before you know it you have something that sounds unrecognizable from the original.

Inside the bundle you are covered for any style within the House and Techno genres. Check out the excellent 909 and 808 packs which were meticulously sampled and programmed. The 909 samples were put through a huge amount of processors including an SSL console. If you want only full analog samples direct form hardware such as Moogs, Elektron, Sequential etc your go to packs would be Sublime Techno and Pure Analog. If you want punchy basses go to Dirty Bass House, If you want deep moody house you might want to check out Deep Tone. If you like your House crossing the Tech side then Prima Tech House is a great place to start. For modern cutting edge gritty house then look no further than Shadow House inspired by Shadow Childs DJ sets. If you lean toward a main room sound then make a stop at House Arrest and if you like your Techno aimed squarely at prime time dance fllors then look no further than Naked Techno  All the inspiration you need is there from the hardware sampled one shots, to the incredibly useful midi patterns to the starter projects ready to go immediately after installation. 

In total there are approximately 166 kits, 60 projects, 600 Patterns, 2500 24/44.1 samples. Most packs are colour coded and all packs are tagged for Maschine users. The ten packs included in the bundle are: 

Planet 808

There are a number of 808 sample packs around; from basic packs, to extensively sampled 808’s consisting of thousands of samples, covering every possible nuance of the 808’s drum sounds. However, none of them have been extensively processed in the context of full-production kit design, using the latest top flight processors. Thousands of static 808 samples are all very well, but these days, you will probably need to heavily process an 808 if you want modern, punchy drums for your production. Planet 808 gives you this in the form of inspiring, authentic, and vibe-driven 808 kits for any genre of electronic music. We created this pack for musicians and producers who understand the sum of the parts created from the same source means identity and vibe for your track!

Planet 909

Most 909 sample packs are unprocessed recordings using variations of the 909s drum tunings and decays. Others are passively sampled through some kind of analog summing buss, a console, or recorded to analog tape. These are great and cover a lot of bases for musicians. However, the vast majority of records made with real 909 drums have processing on them, sometimes huge amounts of EQ and compression have been used on the 909 sounds. The great thing is, even with copious amounts of processing the909 doesn't lose its character, on the contrary processing can seriously enhance a 909 in all areas, and of course make it dangerously punchy! Processing can also make the 909 deep, moody, and oozing with vibe!

Naked Techno

Niche Audio are proud to present “Naked Techno” –  an authentic collection of 15  professionally engineered, mixed and produced Techno kits inspired by three decades of the best melodic Detroit and European Techno.Each Kit has been created from scratch in both Maschine and Ableton Live formats to maximize the use of onboard effects, compression and usability, creating some of the most flexible and inspiring expansions for these DAW’s yet to be heard.

Expect to find 13 Kits with up to 16 samples in each, including Cool processed Drums, Angular Percussion, Dark and Atmospheric Pads and Chords, Subsonic Basses and Ethereal FX, combining to create a unique and involving sound palette which inspires and excites.

Sublime Techno

When Niche Audio creates a Maschine and Ableton expansion pack, the bar we set ourselves is very high. However, with Sublime Techno we aimed to go even higher. We went for a very modern, punchy sound with classic elements, all of it sampled using hi end analogue hardware.  Then we took all those sounds and constructed expertly programmed and mixed kits intended to not only present you with the best possible mixed and programmed producer kits, but also to inspire and help you create your own masterpieces.  Lets not forget we had to make it genre specific. This was really quite a tall order but we achieved it and are delighted to bring you one of our best custom packs for Maschine and Ableton live, which we named Sublime Techno.

Deep Tone

Niche Audio are proud to present “Deep Tone” –  a fresh and exciting  collection of 15 perfectly engineered authentic Deep House kits inspired by the classic and current Deep House scene. Deep Tone has plenty of Fat Kicks, Crisp Snares, Cool Chords, Glitched Vocals, Sub Tones, and Smooth Pads within its 13 perfectly mixed Kits, and also includes 1 Special FX kit, and an additional Synth Kit.

Each Kit has been created from scratch in both Maschine and Ableton Live formats to maximize the use of onboard effects, compression and usability, creating some of the most flexible and inspiring expansions for these DAW’s yet to be heard.

Prima Tech

Niche Audio present ‘Prima Tech House’ - a collection of 15 Tech House kits inspired by the current scene, as well as giving a nod to the classic Tech House sound.  Each Kit has been created from scratch for both Maschine and Ableton Live formats which maximises the use of the host software's onboard effects and compression.

Our Niche Audio genre packs are highly editable super presets allowing producers to get right to the DNA of the patterns and sounds, editing MIDI, samples, and mix.  The kits are mixed just like a record with EQ, Compression, Delay and Reverb keeping the producer focused on the music and allowing instant sample changes in the mix.

Producers can use any of the kits or projects as a starting point to get their ideas down fast. Easily edit some midi notes, perhaps swap some samples and within minutes a completely new kit and pattern has emerged indistinguishable from the original.

House Arrest

Niche Audio are proud to present ‘House Arrest’, the consummate sample collection for House Producers worldwide. ‘House Arrest’ - is a collection of 23 authentic House focused kits aimed at producers who lean toward the House genre. The aim is to provide House producers with a wide range of expertly processed kits for maximum inspiration and playability. Whether your in to Old Skool, New Skool,  Deep, Jackin, Straight Up, Main Room or Progressive House you will find some great musical ingredients in this pack.

This pack takes its sound from a wide variety of labels including, Dirty Bird, Whore House, Zulu, Spinnin, Kompakt, Toolroom, UR,  and Fnac amongst others.

Shadow House

Inspired by the Melodic, Bass Driven and Classic House of Shadowchilds radio show on Londons Rinse FM, Shadow House is a collection which is full of inspiration from the current sound of the underground House movement. The brief was to create a pack consisting of sounds and patterns that could form a comprehensive progressive DJ set alongside being a “go-to” Studio resource. We found the inspiration and then set about creating a bunch of authentic samples, kits and patterns, which we believe faithfully emulates the genre.

Shadow House is an incredible collection of kits designed for Ableton Live 9 and Maschine2 ranging from warm up mood changers to peak time floor fillers. All samples and patterns have been expertly programmed to instantly inspire you whatever music making mood your in. Each kit or project loads with an excellent choice of conceptual midi patterns allowing you to instantly evaluate the sounds in perfect context and start making great music.

Pure Analog

Born with a simple idea in mind, to make a Maschine pack purely using analog sound sources from the ground up.  Every oscillator, in every element is produced from scratch using only analogue hardware, from every drum hit, to bass sample to pad to effect.  Capturing each element faithfully using vintage analogue preamps with discrete tube distortion units to add colour in a way only real hardware can.

Unrestricted by producing a set style or genre,  this pack is geared to give analogue warmth, tone and character to your latest productions.  With its professionally constructed sounds, kits and patterns this pack will be ideal in your house, techno and electronica tracks.

Dirty Bass House

Niche Audio is proud to present our latest journey into the world of the House Underground with a full fat collection of Dirty Bass House samples, primed and prepared to jettison your inspiration levels to a new plateau. It isn't just that we place all those samples in fully processed mixed kits and projects complete with midi data and song starters, Its also the fact that our genre packs are made up of sounds created specifically for that genre, by producers who are already on the scene and creating credible releases in their own right. These two aspects combined create a powerful and inspirational tool which the producers of today demand.

Get the bundle now, supercharge your Maschine or Ableton software and discover the power of Niche Audio!

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