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Ableton Racks and Tracks: Deep House

Ableton Racks by Sample Magic

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Welcome to the latest addition to our Ableton series, Racks & Tracks: Deep House.  The collection contains five full-track arrangements which are intuitively presented with a mix of 24-bit Wav loops, one-shots, MIDI files and synth patches for Massive, Sylenth, Operator and Analog, alongside 5 all-new processing racks covering compression, reverb, delay, filtering and distortion.

Each track is expertly laid out to make it easy and intuitive to use.  Firstly, the projects offer the perfect creative starting point to create unique ideas from the audio, MIDI and patches contained within - everything is labeled and grouped to make it easy to find the elements you’re looking for.

Alternatively, each project can be used as a complex custom-designed template for deep house production.  Each one auto-loads with the custom racks already assigned to specific channels (mix, master and bus) so you have powerful processing options instantly at your fingertips.

Finally, the racks or track elements can be saved to your library for use in any new or existing projects - the flexibility really is endless!

What's Inside

1. Compression Rack

Custom compression settings and plug-in combinations for a range of compressed effects

  • Low-End - Brings out the low-end thump of the source material, ideal for thickening bass sounds and your kick drum
  • Warm - A high-attack medium release compression setting, ideal for medium compression on elements which need more space in the mix
  • Snappy - Corrects slow attack envelopes by adding snap on percussive and rhythmic elements
  • Multi Punch - Use multi-band compression to create punch in a specific frequency range
  • Multi - A standard multi-band compression for a wide range of frequencies
  • Gate - Threshold specific gates to use in combination with Multi-Band compression for a frequency specific gating effect
  • Master - An SSL-inspired mastering compression macro - turn for loudness
  • Parallel - Parallel compression via the glue compressor - ideal for drum tracks

2. Delay Rack

A selection of specific delay combinations for functional production

  • Rhythmic Delay - Combines varying wet/dry settings, distortion and triplet rhythmic figures to create evolving textures - ideal for synths
  • Dubfeed - Use to create extra long textural spreads - use in combination with the Rhythmic Delay
  • Finisher - Never-ending and on-going delay macro. The perfect outro to your track
  • Robotic - Incremental time delay which creates a robotic voice effect
  • Vocal Delay - Subtle delay with a tempered feedback ideal for processing vocals
  • Stereo Widener - M/s delay time settings for subtle stereo width increase. Crank for maximum width
  • Ghostly Delay - An ethereal and ambient delay setting
  • LFO - Create subtle modulating delay. Use with Ghostly Delay

3. Distortion Rack 

Saturate and mangle your sounds with a range of custom made effects

  • Warm - Custom chain of drive and saturation effects to hot up sterile signals
  • Drive - Set the drive amount of the Warm macro, turn to the right for audible digital distortion effects
  • Analogue Clip - A vintage style overdrive module simulating analogue distortion
  • Crackle - A wet/dry high-frequency vinyl noise crackle
  • Crush - A custom bit-crush and downsampling macro
  • Tape - Inject a layer of tape distortion
  • Amp - Distortion through an amplifier module - creates both depth and saturation
  • Sine Distort - A frequency-specific sine distortion, utilises peaks to create lo-fi artefacts

4. Filter and LFO 

Tempo-synced and pitch-drifting filter and LFO effects

  • Rhythmic Filter - A tempo-synced resonance filter
  • Rate - Set the rate of the LFO in increments from 8 bars to 1/64th notes
  • Glitch - A wet/dry modulating glitch effect
  • Freq - Use in conjunction with Glitch macro to set the frequency spectrum of the glitch
  • Gate - A threshold sensitive gate macro. Create interesting fills by combining this with the other filter and LFO macros
  • Buzzer - Combine phasing and stereo delay for a distinctive buzzing effect
  • Vangelis Voice - A celestial delay effect, ideal for giving an extra spacey dimension to synths sounds
  • Acid Filter - A high resonance filter inspired by the classic sound of the TB-303

5. Reverb Rack

Cavernous spaces and tasteful ambiences for deep and dubby vibes

  • Rhythmic Reverb - A slow panning reverb great for creating subtle stereo movement
  • Cavern - A cavernously big reverb macro, ideal for creating interesting breakdowns
  • Chorus Verb - Slow moving reverb in combination with a chorus effect
  • Bass Verb - A tight reverb designed to add an extra dimension basslines and kick drums without clogging the mix
  • Vocal Verb - A medium decay and room size reverb ideal for giving dry vocals space
  • Decay - Control the decay time of the Vocal Verb macro
  • Synth Reverb - Long pre-delays with an emphasis on high frequencies designed to give synths added depth and character
  • Size - Tweak the size of the Synth Reverb for everything from concert hall spaces to intimate ambiences

Download Contains

  • 5 x Ableton Projects
  • 5 x Ableton Racks
  • 8 x Sylenth & Massive Patches
  • 22 x MIDI files
  • 58 x 24-bit Wav loops

Please Note: Ableton Live 9 standard is needed to use this product.

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