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Slo-Fi Sessions

Sample Packs by RawCutz

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"Slo-Fi Sessions is a nod back to the trip-hop sound of the's a great-sounding pack that could easily be taken out of context to add trip-hop flavour to DnB, downtempo or dub productions - 8/10 Stars".
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Raw Cutz have rolled another fat one! -  this time taking inspiration from some of the classics in our vaults – Smokers Delight, Smokers Relight and Premier Beats

Raw Cutz are back again with a fresh collection of Slo-fi grooves, beats and basses to inspire your creative flow and musical passion.

Slo-Fi Sessions features Groove Saturated Beats, Smooth Pads, Dub Echoes, Crisp Atmospherics, Tape Effects and Musical Melodies grouped into 10 projects, with 30 inspirational kits of 16 fresh and original samples.

Slo fi Sessions represents a musical journey away from the golden era inspired hip hop samples that Raw Cutz are known for and draws inspiration from the European sound of the early 1990s, including Artists such as The Orb, Massive Attack and the King Tubby Dub sounds that were also proving popular in the underground clubs of London and mainland Europe.

Reversed, groove saturated beats and chords combined with reverbs and delays to provide a rich palette of inspirational sound effects, Dub basses, smooth pads, ethereal FX, unreal melodies and vocals that should inspire multi genre and progressive producers worldwide.

If you are making Downtempo, Cinematic, Dub, House, Warped beats, Progressive Drum and Bass, Hip Hop or Ambient music – you will find inspirational sounds within seconds in this fresh sample pack, which was created by the original Raw Cutz producer - Turf Smoke.

Raw Cutz brings the real sounds and samples from the past into the future with retro acoustic treatments, sonic pairing and tempo and key matching in order to present an immediate resource for demanding producers looking for an authentic inspirational experience – get Raw!

Our packs now feature full Native Instruments Maschine Kits, and Ableton Live Drum Racks – all mixed and mastered in a consistent structure that means you can switch out kits and samples easily to try out different sounds with your song ideas.

For anyone wanting Loops and one shots only, we included these too so you can start experimenting fast with the samples no matter what studio setup you have. Also included are ready to play sampler patches for Halion, Kontakt, NN-XT, SFZ and EXS24 compatible soft samplers.

In Detail:

  • Slo-Fi Sessions includes 474 samples in 24Bit, 44.1Khz, featuring 156 Loops and 318 One Shot Samples, plus Rex2 files for all the loops.
  • The Maschine Pack includes 30 Kit Groups of 16 samples per Group, and 10 Projects – all mixed and including demo patterns and projects.
  • The Ableton Live Pack includes 30 Drum Racks, and 10 projects.
  • The 10 soft sampler patches include the 10 kits in a ready to play format, plus additional patches featuring the musical samples only.
  • After purchasing you will be able to download both Maschine and Ableton Live content.


Maschine Pack

NI Maschine V2.2.3+ is required to run the list of software below:

  • 30 Groups
  • 10 projects
  • 156 Apple Loops
  • 156 Wav Loops
  • 318 One Shot Sounds
  • 156 Rex2 Files
  • 10 Soft Sampler Patches
  • A Total 1.46 GB

Ableton Live 9 Pack

Ableton Live 9+ is required to run the list of software below:

  • 10 Projects
  • 30 Drum Rack Presets
  • 156 Apple Loops
  • 156 Wav Loops
  • 318 One Shot Sounds
  • 156 Rex2 Files
  • 10 Soft Sampler Patches
  • 1.47 GB

Wav Pack:

  • 156 Apple Loop
  • 156 Wav Loops
  • 318 One Shot Sounds
  • 156 Rex2 Files
  • 10 Soft Sampler Patches
  • Total 1.39 GB

Important note: NI's Maschine V2.2.3+/Kontakt, Ableton Live 9+, Halion, Reason's NN-XT/Dr.OctoRex, SFZ and EXS24 (Logic) compatible soft samplers are all required to run the full contents of this software package (excluding the contents of the Wav Pack).

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