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32-bit / 64-bit

Muted Trumpet Harmon

Kontakt Instrument by Wavesfactory

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True Legato Trumpet for Kontakt

Important note: This software requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.7.3 or above and will only run in DEMO mode when used in the FREE Kontakt Player engine.

Harmon Mutes have captured the imagination of music aficionados across the world through amazing performances from artists like Miles Davis. Today Harmon Mutes are played all over the globe by professional orchestras, soloists, recording artists, and students alike. Played by the talented Bernat Xamena. Each note and transition sampled, no pitch shifting. Optional round-robin, staccato, polyphonic sustains and true legato articulations selectable via key switches.

This mute produces a tinny, shallow sound which can be varied by adjusting the mute and via manipulation with the fingers at the cup end. Miles Davis often played through a Harmon mute without the stem. This formed a characteristic sound, and greatly influenced the jazz community in such classic tracks as “All Blues”.


Dynamics, expression, vibrato and reverb controllable via CCs. It just works, sounds like the real thing right out of the box. Easy to play and great sound instantly without having to tweak a hundred knobs.


The library features our advanced effect script that lets you insert any effect chain you want, including:

  • High Quality EQ.
  • Various types of compressors.
  • Modulation: chorus, flanger, phaser.
  • Distortion / Saturation / Tape
  • Algorithmic and convolutional reverb with more than 40 custom impulse responses.
  • Amp simulators.

This script boosts exponentially the sonic capabilities of the library, easy to use in a simple and elegant design.


  • Size: 399 MB
  • Samples: 731
  • Articulations: 3
  • Velocity layers: 3
  • Round robin: 1

System Requirements

Important notes: 

  • The FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.7.3 or above is required to run this software.
  • This software will not function in full within the FREE Kontakt Player engine and will only be available in DEMO mode.

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