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Introducing the Vocal Bundle

A great vocal has the power to transform a decent track into an unforgettable global hit. The Vocal Bundle provides all the knowledge and tools you need to record and process your very own vocals. Exclusive to Plugin Boutique, this bundle provides a total end saving of over 60%.

Vocalizer Pro from SONiVOX is the ultimate vocoding tool. Offering endless sound-sculpting possibilities, Vocalizer Pro is ready to harmonize, modify, fortify, enhance, and re-synthesize any instrument—or any sound—in ways you never thought possible.

For when it comes to tackling the lead vocals, we have included VoxBox by SoundSpot. This excellent plugin simplifies the all-important 'vocal thickening' process, intuitively widening and thickening your vocals to get them jumping out of your mix in no time.

The Producertech Producer's Guide to Vocals online course is also included in the Vocal Bundle. The Producer's Guide to Vocals is a comprehensive guide to the entire process of adding vocals to a track - beginning with writing tips and suggestions for selecting the right vocalist - before moving onto invaluable guidance on how to ensure the recording session goes smoothly.

Loopmasters Elica Le Bon Vocal Acapellas completes the collection. A stunning collection of catchy hooks, warm harmonies and rich adlibs, this royalty-free collection will ready to inspire your next productions.

The Vocal Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and has been compiled to help you master the art of vocal production and save money!

SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro

Vocalizer Pro is a totally unique MIDI controlled effect processor that can transform any audio track, any audio source, or the output from any VI in your DAW host into an unbelievably lush, musical, performance instrument. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. But once you do hear it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Vocalizer Pro introduces advanced formant shifting to really make things pop.

Take a look at Vocalizer Pro. The main screen reveals four nearly identical Spectral Synthesis Modules. These four Modules can run be routed in, around, and through each other in various combinations to increase your sonic potential. Each Module includes a target pitch range for effective resynthesis. Take your pick from 16 Spectral Synthesis types. Next up is your choice of over 16 filter configurations with full envelope, cutoff, resonance, and saturation controls. Add to that a sync-able LFO with multiple waveforms, pitch envelope, balance control—and you can see how each Module can pump new life into your sound. Now start combining the Modules anyway you want and the possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve conjured that spectacular sound, play it in performance as only Vocalizer Pro can. Two rows of completely MIDI-mappable performance pads are the key. Use the first row to memorize Snapshots of alternate parameter settings, and switch between them instantly for blazing performance power. Set up simple or complex chord voicings on each pad in the second row. Now you can leap into action and navigate chords changes and swap settings in performance—either from the screen of from any set of MIDI pads. Nothing else offers this kind of audio exhilaration.


  • Revolutionary MIDI-controlled audio effect
  • Unparalleled vocoding, re-synthesis and signal processing from subtle to mind-blowing
  • Expanded controls including FFT audio processing suite
  • Pitch shift, formant, improved frequency control and spreading
  • Two rows of performance pads extend playability and live performance control
  • AU, VST, RTAS and AAX Support
  • 64 Bit & 32 Bit

Learn more about SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro.

SoundSpot VoxBox

Lead vocals are often the most important element in a mix. To get lead vocals to jump out of a mix and not get buried in the music, a technique called ‘vocal thickening’ is used widely throughout the industry. Usually this technique requires multiple channels and plug-ins to achieve the desired results. When designing VoxBox however, our aim was to create a plug-in that simplifies the vocal thickening process, without compromising on quality. VoxBox helps you widen and thicken your lead vocals in a simple and intuitive way, while being light on your CPU and keeping your mixing chain simple.


  • Fast and intuitive workflow
  • Advanced vocal stem separation algorithm
  • Preserves transients
  • Extremely light on CPU and RAM

Learn more about SoundSpot VoxBox.

Proucertech Producer's Guide to Vocals

The course is a comprehensive guide to the entire process of adding vocals to a track, beginning with writing tips and suggestions for selecting and finding a vocalist, before moving onto invaluable guidance on equipment and how to ensure the recording session goes without a hitch. He then gives an in-depth guide to his professional techniques for processing vocals, covering everything from EQing and reverb, to creative slicing of improvised material, using a range of DAWs’ internal effects and 3rd party plugins.

Check out the sample module above for an example of what to expect from the course, which ensures you’ll have all the knowledge you need to add a sparkling vocal line to your productions and elevate them to next level.

Learn more about Producertech Producer's Guide to Vocals.

Loopmasters Elica Le Bon - Vocal Acapellas

Loopmasters present Elica Le Bon Vocal Acapellas - a stunning collection of contemporary urban vocals direct from the heart/streets of London. This royalty-free collection features serene vocals delivered in 24 Bit quality, packed with catchy hooks, warm harmonies and rich adlibs for your tracks.

Elica Le Bon is an artist and producer based in West London, known for her dynamic vocal delivery, powerful lyrics and a deeply melodic style. With influences in R’n’B, Rap, Soul and Grime she juxtaposes strength and vulnerability side by side, with many parallels to the vocal style of Aaliyah. Her voice is unique, refreshing and not so disparate as to become alien, just enough to be a welcome shift from the ordinary.

In detail expect to find 641 MB of content with 90 individual 24 Bit Wav Files, 5 tracks are included with 59 Song Loops – 20 Chorus Loops, 19 Verse Loops, 10 full Acapella song stems ( 5 Dry 5 wet ), 5 Bridge Loops, 3 Mid loops, 1 Outro Loop and 1 Vocal hook Loop. 31 vocal Hits and Phrases are also included along with 96 rex2 files and 1 soft sampler patch for NNXT, Exs24, Sfz, Halion and Kontakt.


  • 641 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 5 Songs
  • 20 Chorus Loops
  • 19 Verse Loops
  • 10 Full Acapella Stems (5 Dry 5 Wet)
  • 5 Bridge Loops
  • 3 Mid Loops
  • 1 Outro Loop
  • 1 Hook
  • 31 Vocal Hits & Phrases
  • 96 Rex2 Files
  • 1 Soft Sampler Patch for Kontakt, Halion, EXS24, NN-XT and SFZ

Learn more about Loopmasters Elica Le Bon - Vocal Acapellas.

System Requirements

SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro

Windows System Requirements:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Home Premium, Profession, or Ultimate
  • Minimum Dual Core 2 GHz, Intel Core i5 or i7 Recommended
  • Minimum RAM 2GB, 4GB or more Recommended
  • 1 Gigabyte free hard drive space (Download and Installation)
  • A VST, RTAS or AAX compatible host application*
  • Internet Access (Download and Authorization)
  • *Note - The following hosts do not support Vocalizer Pro at this time: Akai MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, ACID Pro, Propellerhead's Record

Apple System Requirements:

  • OS X Version 10.8.5-10.10
  • Core Duo Processor, Core i5 or i7 Recommended
  • Minimum RAM 2GB, 4GB or more Recommended
  • 1 Gigabyte free hard drive space (Download and Installation)
  • A VST, AU, RTAS or AAX compatible host application*
  • Internet Access (Download and Authorization)
  • Please note: The following hosts do not support Vocalizer Pro at this time: Apple GarageBand, Akai MPC Renaissance, Akai MPC Studio, ACID Pro, PreSonus Studio One and Propellerhead's Record.

SoundSpot VoxBox


  • OS X 10.7 and later (32 & 64-bit)


  • AAX 
  • Audio Units (AU)
  • VST
  • VST3


  • Windows 7 and later (32 & 64-bit)


  • AAX 
  • VST
  • VST3

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