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Utility by Audified

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"Record it All"

Capture a live event without risking missing a part.

An awesome live show but no time for a slow DAW preparation? Do you risk missing an important part of the event?

Record it all. Simply. Quickly. RecAll.


  • Easy setup and control
  • Maximum 256 stereo and mono tracks
  • Instant playback of the recorded tracks
  • Stereo mix recorded aside
  • Meters showing recorded history
  • Comfortable setup of multiple strips simultaneously

Recording Process

RecAll is aware of the real recording process, so it handles:

Projects, Sessions, Takes, Channels and Files

DAW Requires Configuration

When you are reinforcing live events, there is no extra time for auxiliary recording. Although most of the DAW's can be set up to record multichannel events, the configuration is not straightforward and the DAW is over-featured for simple recording task.

Recall is Fast and Simple

Open the application, select the setup from a template and press Record. It's that easy!


RecAll provides two types of meters, automatically toggling during the recording process. When the recording is off, you see the standard meters showing the signal level at the given time.

If you start recording, the meters show the signal history, so you don't need to check the meters all the time, especially if the RecAll window is hidden.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.6 - Mac OS X 10.15

Important Note: Mac Only

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