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Never Get Stuck Again - eBook & Audio Book

eBook by Mastering The Mix

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Never Get Stuck Again - eBook & Audio Book

A Complete Guide To Turning A Musical Idea Into A Finished Track

Finish More Tracks

Unable to understand why your track isn’t working and not sure of the next step to take? This book will give you the information you need so you Never Get Stuck Again. A single resource that you can turn to for inspiration and techniques to help you finish more tracks to a higher standard.


Establishing A Strong Musical Idea

  • Chord Progressions 
  • Hooks & Melodies 
  • Writing For Your Audience VS Writing For Yourself 
  • Simplicity VS Complex 
  • Repetition

Structure And Arrangement

  • Structuring Your Track 
  • Arrangement 
  • Limitless Environment

Building The Instrumental

  • Where To Start 
  • Making Music 
  • Creative Momentum 
  • Recording Audio

Production Approach

  • Sound Choices & Vibe 
  • Innovate 
  • Creating Emotion 
  • Keeping It Interesting

Lyrics And Vocals

  • Choosing The Words 
  • Recording Vocals 
  • Producing A Great Vocal


  • Working With A Vocalist 
  • Working With Musicians 
  • Working With A Producer 
  • Working With Decision Makers

Getting A Solid Mix

  • Headroom 
  • Levels And Balance 
  • Noise Gates 
  • EQing 
  • Compression 
  • Stereo Placement 
  • Depth 
  • Creating Context 
  • The Bigger Picture 
  • Technical Details

Taking The Mix To The Next Level

  • Musical Mixing 
  • Mixing Low Frequencies Using 
  • Reference Tracks 
  • Magic Final Touches

Getting A Solid Master

  • Stereo vs Stem 
  • Fundamentals Of Mastering 
  • EQing And Shaping Your Master 
  • Using The Limiter

Taking The Master To The Next Level

  • Musical Mastering 
  • Making Sure The Master Sounds Better Than The Mix 
  • Understanding And Using Loudness Range

What You Get With Your eBook

Access to your PDF within 24 hours after purchase.

  • 124 Pages of the authors MOST valuable information. Dozens of infographics to make complicated techniques and concepts easy to understand.

6 Cheatsheets to get fast results.

  • Production Timeline / Stereo Placement Cheatsheet / Structure Cheatsheet / Deconstructing A Mix Cheatsheet / EQ Cheatsheet / Songwriting Checklist.

For producers of all standards.

  • Get the fundamental principles perfect, then learn the intricate techniques that take your sound to the next level.

Audiobook for better retention.

  • Never Get Stuck Again, read by Tom Frampton. 2 Hrs 44 Mins Audiobook (MP3 320kbps)

Free Updates For Life.

  • Purchasers will receive any future editions of Never Get Stuck Again completely free of charge.

Read Anywhere.

  • Optimised for smartphone, tablet or computer / laptop screens.

About The Author

Tom Frampton is an audio engineer with one driving goal; to help music producers get the best possible results.

The past few years have been a whirlwind for Tom. Mixing and mastering songs for thousands of clients, his plugins being used by tens of thousands and his blog read by hundreds of thousands. Every day presenting a new challenge, and a new opportunity to learn.

Hearing the music-related struggles expressed by his clients and readers has positioned Tom perfectly to uncover unique techniques and workflows to help them create better-sounding mixes.

Tom wrote this eBook to compile and share all of his most valuable information into a single resource. Having been involved at every stage of the production process in various scenarios, he found there are some approaches that work brilliantly, and some that guarantee sub-par results.

Toms approach to music production, as defined in this book, has opened the door for him to release remixes on influential labels (BMG) and work with world-renowned artists (Tiesto, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Niall Horan).

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