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Cassette Keys.02 - Multi-Format Bundle


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The Idea & Process

Cassette Keys.02, a successor of Cassette Keys.01, wasn't created to replace it, but rather to make things different, bigger, and to make use of the new .02 interface. In fact, both of those instruments complement each other very well. Cassette Keys.02 contains two instruments, both inspired by classic FM keys from the 80s, but expanded with other synthesis techniques plus even a little sampling to achieve interesting transient sounds.

Each instrument contains 5 dynamic layers and was recorded with 3 different cassette decks. Overall, there are 2193 samples - 365 samples per deck, plus 3 noise samples from each deck (5,73 GB of uncompressed 24-bit WAV files).

The End Result

  • Custom Impulse Responses in Kontakt Version: Kontakt version contains custom impulses (4 spring impulses, 4 hall impulses & 3 corridor impulses), along with a choice of whether you want it to be placed pre or post insert effects - same thing goes for the delay.
  • Useful and Fun Production Tool: If you like vintage sounds and you're looking for something to enhance your production toolbox, then this product will be for you.
  • Simulated Round Robin: Makes faster note passages sound more realistic and adds to the overall nonlinearity of the instrument - available in Kontakt and SFZ versions only.
  • Variety of Sounds: Aside from the sound of a cassette record with this instrument you can easily create some weird sounds and there are already quite a few presets included to get you started (Kontakt & Ableton Live versions only).

Cassette Keys.02 for Kontakt


  • Simulated round-robin
  • 41 presets
  • One-page interface for easy and fast sound design
  • Convolution Reverb with custom impulses (spring, hall, corridor)

Learn more about Cassette Keys.02 for Kontakt.

Cassette Keys.02 for Ableton


  • 52 Instrument Racks: 12 basic + 40 additional presets (both with mapped macros)
  • Custom Effect Racks

Learn more about Cassette Keys.02 for Ableton.

Cassette Keys.02 for Logic


  • 30 basic presets (normal, reverse 100%, reverse 75%, reverse 50% & reverse 25% for each deck)

Learn more about Cassette Keys.02 for Logic.

Cassette Keys.02 for SFZ Player


  • Simulated round-robin
  • 12 basic presets (with and without simulated round-robin for each deck)

Learn more about Cassette Keys.02 for SFZ Player.

System Requirements

  • Full version of Kontakt 5.6.6 (or higher) required - not compatible with Kontakt Player.
  • Full version of Ableton Live 9.7 (or higher) required.
  • Full version of Logic Pro X required - not tested in Logic Pro 9.
  • Compatible with any SFZ player, for example: Plogue Sforzando

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