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Timestretching Soundscape Machine

Atheos delivers 260 cinematic soundscapes and otherworldly textures.

Important note: The Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or above required to run this software.

  • 4 simultaneous running engines
  • 300 instruments for engines 1-3 ("sampler", "time-machine" and "tone-machine")
  • 150 instruments for the fourth "noise" engine
  • String, bass, piano, pad, ambient, texture, bell, wind, wave and FX instruments
  • Forward, reversed and "both" playback
  • Sound category filters/selectors
  • Volume, Pan and Glide control per engine
  • 11 filter types (incl. vowel and phaser)
  • Comprehensive and musical randomizing features
  • Adjustable key (note) range for each engine for key splits
  • Each engine has its own output for individual mixing and processing in your DAW of choice

Atheos Sequencing Power

  • 4 sequencers with 4 steps table buffers for each engine.
  • Up to 16 simultaneously running sequencers.
  • 2-128 steps per sequencer (up to 512 steps using the four table buffers).
  • Table buffer playlist options.
  • Inter-sequencer modulation.
  • 40 built-in sequencer table presets.
  • Random table speed per sequencer
  • Extensive non-destructive table editing functions (incl. rescaling and stretch/shrink).
  • 7 sequencer playback modes (incl. flam, random and step).

  • 4 modulation targets for each sequencer.
  • Each modulation target features inverting, low/high range control and randomization.
  • Each sequencer can be modulated via modulation wheel or any continuous MIDI controller.
  • Realtime modulation of any parameter (including effect parameters).
  • Modulation of engine features like speed, smooth, grain, formant and others.
  • Random modulation target selection.

Atheos Effects

  • 5 freely assignable effect slots per engine.
  • 22 effects to choose from (incl. filters, eq, distortion and tape saturation).
  • Effect slots can be exchanged (nudged left/right) while taking modulation routings into account.
  • Random effect type selection per slot.
  • Six controllable parameters per effect slot (incl. dry/wet controls when applicable).
  • Included effects: SV LP2, BP2, HP2, 2 band eq, vowel filter, bus comp, tape sat, distortion, lo-fi, skreamer, van51, ac box, rotator, cabinet, chorus, flanger, phaser 1, phaser 2, delay, delay BPM, reverb and stereo-modeller.


  • 260 preset instruments
  • Effects, noises, drones, textures, atmospheres and soundscapes
  • 120 built-in categorized engine presets ranging from damaged/lofi sounds to subtle and rhythmic variations.
  • Each engine preset can be loaded into any engine.
  • Random creation of engine presets based on pre-selected categories (e.g. gated, filtered, spacey).
  • Fully automatable
  • Instantly useable and inspiring sounds right at your fingertips
  • 100% royalty-free

System Requirements

Important notes: 

  • The Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or above required to run this software.
  • This software will not function in full within the FREE Kontakt Player engine and will only be available in DEMO mode.

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