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KorgOSC Collection

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Powerful Oscillators for Korg Synthesizers

This expert collection features a unique set of multi engine plugins built specifically for Korg Prologue, Korg Minilogue XD and Korg NTS-1 hardware. Featuring signature DSP processing from Sinveibes, these plugins will expand your Kord products to create new, exciting sounds. The collection features the following plugins:


Groove is a multitimbral bass and drum machine for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. It’s the most complex and sophisticated multi-engine plugin ever developed, employing a network of 14 DSP blocks that reconfigure themselves in real-time. Using such immense power, Groove maps bass, drum and percussion instruments onto 7 separate keyboard zones, turning your synthesizer into a self-contained, groovebox-style sound module. Each zone provides a vast library of carefully crafted sound presets with expressive control, and includes a switch for variable trigger probability – an advanced function which can dramatically liven up bass riffs and drum patterns. Groove also has a specially designed output stage with unusually punchy dynamics – making this plugin fully production- and performance-ready.


  • Multitimbral sound engine with 7 keyboard zones generating bass, drum and percussion instruments.
  • Advanced network of 14 DSP blocks that reconfigures itself in real-time, capable of multiple different synthesis methods: three-operator FM, subtractive, lo-fi, and beyond.
  • Internal library of over 70 carefully crafted, production-ready sounds with individual expression control assignments.
  • Trigger probability feature that can be enabled individually per each zone.
  • Specially configured amplifier stage delivering punchy, high-RMS output – as if the sounds were compressed.

Learn more about KorgGroove.


Bent is an oscillator plugin for Korg’s multi engine. It implements a novel synthesis method called “bent-wave modulation”, developed by Sinevibes. Bent combines a classic modulator-carrier pair of sine oscillators with a unique “bender” module which changes the modulator signal’s curvature, phase, and time symmetry. Despite its digital nature, bent-wave modulation produces sounds more akin to a mix of two synchronized and filtered analog oscillators – with smooth, elastic waveform morphing. Due to its specific density and rounded curvature, Bent also forms a perfect symbiosis with Korg’s resonant low-pass filter, creating sounds with incredible plasticity.


  • Two sine oscillators with unique module that “bends” curvature, phase, and time symmetry before the frequency modulation stage.
  • Five different output waveforms with variable shape and harmonic balance.
  • Built-in lag filters for noise-free, ultra-smooth parameter adjustment and modulation.
  • Built-in LFO with widely adjustable frequency (0.1 to 10 Hz).
  • Built-in envelope generator with widely adjustable attack and decay times (1 ms to 10 s).

Learn more about KorgBent.


Tube is an oscillator plugin for Korg’s multi engine. It couples a super-flexible noise generator with a feed-forward comb filter, a combination that we call “resonator modeling synthesis”. By modulating the noise density, the noise generator can create a very wide variety of signals such as bursts, gusts of air or sand, scratching, particles dropping onto a surface – and beyond. When these special signals are used to “excite” the resonator, Tube produces incredibly lively, nature-like tones: from woodwinds, plucked and bowed strings, to much more experimental, randomly evolving ones. Tube also features its own low-frequency oscillator, an envelope generator, and allows its noise signal to be used dry for even more sound design possibilities.


  • Variable-density noise generator with 4 types: white noise, shot noise, velvet noise, semi-periodic noise.
  • Feed-forward comb filter with negative or positive feedback, plus additional low-pass damping filter inside the feedback loop.
  • Built-in lag filters for ultra-smooth parameter adjustment and modulation.
  • Built-in LFO with widely variable frequency (0.1 to 10 Hz).
  • Built-in envelope generator with widely variable attack time (1 ms to 10 s).

Learn more about KorgTube.


Turbo is an oscillator plugin for Korg’s multi engine, based on variable waveshaping synthesis. An original technology developed at Sinevibes, it uses a pair of sine oscillators coupled with special sine-based waveshapers which essentially “curl” the waveform in real time, enriching it with new harmonics. The final tone depends not only on the waveshaper curve itself but is also highly sensitive to frequency and level relations of the sine partials, and this allows Turbo to create a very wide range of characterful tones: from warm and rounded to buzzy and abrasive.


  • Two sine oscillators with variable balance, frequency ratio and beating frequency.
  • Five different waveshaping algorithms with continuously variable curve complexity.
  • Built-in lag filters for noise-free, ultra-smooth parameter adjustment and modulation.
  • Built-in envelope generator with widely adjustable attack and decay times (1 ms to 10 s).

Learn more about KorgTurbo.

System Requirements

  • Korg Prologue
  • Korg Minilogue XD
  • Korg NTS-1

Important Note: These products are plugins for Korg Prologue, Korg Minilogue XD and Korg NTS-1. They are only compatible with these hardware synthesizers.

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