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Crystal EQ

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"Crystal EQ lives up to its name. It’s a transparent crystal-clear EQ that works surprisingly good in the high end."
. DJ & Producer | Barong Family, Big Beat Records.
"Crystal EQ is very nice! Using it on vocals and drum samples. If you want beautiful high frequencies, this is the one!"
. DJ & Producer Duo | Warner Music, Spinnin Records.
"So precise, so clear. This is a perfect tool to finalize your mix and give the final magic touch on your sound."
. DJ & Producer | Toolroom, Ultra, F**K Me I'm Famous.

Bright, Clean & Crystal Clear

Following up the release of their powerful saturation EQ Fatmaker, Singomakers are back with a brand-new precision equalizer, Crystal EQ. Designed for creating clean and bright mixes & masters, the Crystal EQ is a one-stop EQ for cleaning up your drums, vocals and instruments to get them sitting perfectly in the mix.

Vintage Vibe with Modern Precision

Crystal EQ features four adjustable frequency bands for precise equalization, as well as a high-pass and low-pass filter for additional EQ control. Add low end punch to your drums, top end clarity to your vocals or create complex automated filter FX in just a few quick sweeps.

The vintage interface of Crystal EQ gives that classic feel of a vintage outboard EQ, whilst delivering the precision and control of the digital domain, making it a delicate and precise tool for mixing and mastering.

Versatile & Full of Character

Crystal EQ is designed to instantly deliver clean and transparent EQ to your tracks, featuring simplicity and versatility that makes it the perfect choice for all the common elements in your mix. Crystal EQ is split into the following bands:

  • High-Pass Filter
  • Low Frequencies
  • Low-Mid Frequencies
  • High-Mid Frequencies
  • High Frequencies
  • Low-Pass Filter

Crystal EQ also comes with a collection of both live and electronic instrument presets – choose from the expertly crafted selections to get your bass, piano, synths, guitars & drums sounding crystal clear and full of life.


  • Clean & transparent EQ processing
  • Four fully adjustable frequency bands
  • High-pass and low-pass filter
  • Full selection of instrument presets

System Requirements


  • VST 2 & VST 3
  • 32 and 64 bit


  • VST 2, VST 3, AU
  • 32 and 64 bit

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