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Flanger Plugins

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Please find below Flanger Plugins from some of the top music software companies worldwide. Browse, Download and Buy our selection of Flanger Plugins, Effects and Instruments online today.

Most people would have heard this effect before as it is a common sound effect in music, especially dance music. It basically doubles the incoming signal and plays it back on top of itself causing the sound to essentially cancel itself out, creating a swirling pulsing effect.


by Sinevibes

Effects | Flanger

Price: $29.00

Avg. rating:5

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Flow is a flanger that goes far beyond traditional – instead of simple up-and-down sweeps, it employs a sophisticated envelope sequencer to modulate the sound in a rhythmical fashion. Flow has two different flanger characters with positiv...
MMultiBandFlanger is a powerful multiband flanger that allows you to fully adjust its shape. Where other flangers end, this flanger only begins. It processes anything from guitar tracks to complete mixes with outstanding audio quality, and incl...