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One of the strengths of U-he’s plugin range is the way that each synth has a clearly defined speciality. With DIVA, you get an instrument designed to create vintage analogue sounds; with ACE, versatile modular synthesis; with Bazille, CPU-melting digital modular power. In the case of the company’s newest synth, HIVE, the USP can be summed up in a simple word: simplicity. U-he’s Urs Heckman explains that HIVE “started off as a bit of weekend fun exploring supersaws”, but snowballed into a permanent addition to the product range. HIVE has been developed over the course of an extensive beta testing period, lasting over a year. The result is a relatively straightforward synth by U-he’s normal standards, designed to be user-friendly and easy on processing power without sacrificing the kind of sound quality the company’s products have become known for.

The synth architecture of HIVE is a traditional two-oscillator subtractive setup, with each oscillator offering the usual analogue-inspired waves, unison/detune options, plus a sub-oscillator. There’s no dedicated noise source, but either of the oscillators or their respective sub-oscillators can generate white or pink noise. The dual filters are a little more advanced, each offering eight modes (all resonant), plus input gain for overdriven effects, key tracking, and modulation from four sources: the synth’s two LFOs and two modulation envelopes. Audio signal routing is handled via buttons alongside the two filters. The outputs from both oscillators and sub-oscillators can be fed into either of the two filters or both simultaneously (individual volume controls are found in the oscillator section), while the output of Filter 1 can also be fed into Filter 2. It’s a simple setup, but one that’s hugely effective. The filters sound great and the oscillators are surprisingly versatile. The sub-oscillators can be tuned up or down by two octaves, which in practice means that you can use them as additional oscillators.

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Sound 4.5/5
  • Versataility 4.5/5
  • Value 3.5/5
  • Ease of use 5/5


A simple straight forward synth with excellent sound. Hive is a great choice for an all rounder.

Read the full review: Attack Magazine

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