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Initial Audio SlowMo Introductory Price16 Jan - August 1, 2019

Slow down your mixes, instruments, vocals and even effect channels by 100% in realtime. Playback everything in half-speed with this easy to use effect and buy now for only £7.50 / $9.99.
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deal - 95% off20 Jun - August 5, 2019

W.A Production Summer Bundle Sale

Featuring five production-ready plugins, the collection of tools will allow you to compose, compress, saturate and produce your sounds to complete perfection! Save a staggering 95% off and buy now for only £8.95 / $9.99!!

deal - 40% off27 Jun - August 1, 2019

Karanyi Sounds Total Bundle Introductory Sale

We welcome Karanyi Sounds to the store with their sleeky designed and beautiful sounding Kontakt Instruments. Save up to 40% off for a limited time only. (Note: Individual instruments & other bundles are within another sale.)

deal - 50% off25 Jun - August 1, 2019

Air Music Preset Sale

Save 50% off all the Air Music preset packs for instruments including, Hybrid, TheRiser and Vacuum Pro.

deal - 30% off 1 Jul - August 1, 2019

Plugin Boutique StereoSavage Sale

Achieve the stunning stereo your mix deserves and save 30% off the award-winning StereoSavage stereo toolbox.

deal - 78% off13 Jun - August 1, 2019

AIR Music Technology Xpand!2 Sale

Xpand!2 is a multitimbral workstation offering four active sound slots or parts, per patch. Save 78% off the awesome workstation for a limited time only at Plugin Boutique.