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Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Core Introductory Sale23 Jan - March 1, 2019

We welcome industry veterans Cherry Audio to our esteemed range of software manufacturers with a 50% off introductory sale on their brand-new virtual modular platform - Modular Core + Electro Drums along with the Ignite Package.
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BeatSkilz Slam Pro Upgrade from Slam Dawg Sale (Exclusive)

Own Slam Dawg? Upgrade Slam Pro to Enhance your sound and workflow. For a limited time only Upgrade for only £23.95 / $29.00!

deal - 50% off16 Jan - March 4, 2019

Air Music AIEP3 Complete Upgrade Sale

Calling ALL Air users! Upgrade from ANY Air Instrument ato the full AIEP3 Bundle for only £59.95 / $74.99. This an inspiring collection of virtual instruments and progressive sound-design tools for the modern producer, composer, and performer.

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W.A Production Valentine's Bundle Sale

Save over 90% off W.A Production Valentine's Bundle for a very limited time only. Featuring Pumper 2 Compressor, SphereQuad multi-effect and Helper Transients. Buy the Bundle for only £8.00 / $9.90 or each individually for £3.95 / $4.90 each. Note individuals are in a separate sale.

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BeatSkillz Slam Dawg Sale (Exclusive)

Save 90% off the Slam Dawg Beat Phattener and get your tracks sounding huge within minutes. Buy Slam Dawg now for only £7.95 / $9.99 in this exclusive sale!

deal - 24% off11 Feb - March 11, 2019

MIDI Madness Sale (Exclusive)

The Algorithmic Melody Generator: Midi Madness 3 can create an unlimited number of melodies using a simple set of probability weightings. Save 20% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique.