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Glitchmachines Sale 1 Feb - March 4, 2019

Save up to 60% off the creative Cryogen Multi-Effect and the inspiring Idoim Sample Pack from Glitchmaachines for a limited time only.
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SONiVOX Stratum + FREE Twist & Wobble Sale

Save over 60% off of SONiVOX's Stratum, a synth which will take you down the wormhole straight into the 1980s futuristic soundscapes and get Wobble & Twist for FREE!

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SoundSpot Velo 2 Introductory Sale

SoundSpot release Velo2: A brick wall limiter for maximizing loudness that features different options to influence colouration and transient preservation. Save up to 97% off for a limited time only. (Velo 1 users can take advantage of the upgrade price)

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Sonible Valentines Sale

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AAS Strum GS- 2 Sale

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Overloud TH-U Introductory Sale

TH-U is the colossal new version of Overloud's multi-award winning flagship Guitar Amp Simulation software. Save up to 25% off in this special introductory promotion (inc Upgrade from TH-3)