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Sale Up To 60% off

iZotope Music Production Suite 2.1 Introductory Sale 6 Jun - July 2, 2019

Music Production Suite 2.1 gives you access to over thirty industry-standard plugin's that interact across your session and provide time-saving assistive features, innovative new workflows, and cutting-edge visual analysis tools. Save up to 60% off for a limited time only. (Includes a Crossgrade offer from ANY iZotope product.)

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deal - Up To 51% off25 Jun - July 10, 2019

Kilohearts Ensemble and Flanger Snapins Sale

Save 50% off the Ensemble and Flanger Snapins from KiloHearts for their unique and creative Multipass along with the FREE Snap Heap.

deal - 50% off20 Jun - July 12, 2019

Audified ToneSpot Drum Pro Introductory Sale

Improves the tone of acoustic, electric or synth drums and percussion. The Swiss Army Knife solution for all tone hunters, designed to fit the modern genres as well as the more traditional ones. Save 50% off for a limited time only.

deal - Up To 49% off 2 May - June 30, 2019

Softube Modular Sale

Created in close collaboration with Doepfer, Softube Modular gives you both the sound, flexibility and expandability of a true analog modular synthesizer. Save up to 45% off. (Including all the Module Add-Ons and plugin which are ready to be used within the Modular system)

deal - 14% off 4 Jun - July 1, 2019

Spinnin' Records BASE Sale (Exclusive)

BASE is a synthesizer that generates both a kick and a bass sound. They are linked in terms of volume, spectrum and timing so they work together perfectly in your mix.

deal - 50% off 3 Apr - July 3, 2019

Refractor Audio Transport Sale (Exclusive)

Create new sonic worlds with Transport by combining 5 unique sequencers along with the Transport Probability Engine to mix, mash, and modulate them into new and exciting sounds. Save 50% o0ff Transport for exclusively at Plugin Boutique.